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Very Exciting News! Liberals call for Canada's first Suicide Prevention Strategy

It's about time that Canada develops a National Suicide Prevention Strategy! Liberal MPs are calling on the federal government to address the devastating issue of suicide in our country - it is the second leading cause of death for young people. George Weber, president and CEO of the Royal Ottawa hospital, a mental health facility. says this alone is reason for suicide prevention to be a "national health priority".

All of the issues surrounding suicide are being addressed by the right people! The Liberals are calling this the "silent problem" and calling for it to end. Dr. Nizar Ladha, president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association, said a national strategy could help both those at risk of committing suicide and those left behind.

Not only are people not getting help because of stigma, but they are also unable to get the help that they need because of a lack of funding. Karen Cohen, president and CEO of the Canadian Psychological Association says that, "Even those who ask for psychological help may not receive it because it is underfunded or insufficiently funded by private and public health insurance plans,"

I am very excited to see that suicide prevention is being talked about at these high levels of our government and look forward to seeing changes! People should be able to access the help that they need when they need it.  

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