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Wanted: Ontario superheroes

Thor with his hammer

If you are in Ontario, you are in luck. You get to be a superhero today.

Your pen is your Mjölnir (hammer). Yes like Thor, you get to save the world. Your pen has no equal. It can create great kingdoms, I mean governments. It can obliterate self-serving kings and queens. With the strike of your pen, you can help other superheroes across Ontario to choose a path for the next four years. Opting out is not superhero thing to do. Superheroes just don’t sit at home in some pointless ‘I-want-to-send-a-message’, pitiful party. They don’t resign in defeat before the battle ends. 

Having super powers is a big responsibility. You must not not use it.  You must use it wisely. You must use with extreme care and caution.

You must use it for the good of all.

So take your Mjölnir and head out to the polling station near you. Now. Ontario needs you.

P.S Elsewhere on, Kathryn C argues why you should vote and Brian states :Youth can vote.

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