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Warm Wishes for 2022

Title - Warm Wishes for 2022

2022 has arrived and you may be feeling a mix of emotions with this new year. Perhaps the traditional sentiment of a "Happy New Year" feels far out of reach for you. We, at mindyourmind, are here to remind you that you are not alone. Life has been challenging in different ways and at different times, and we recognize that everyone has been impacted in many ways over the past few years. So instead of saying have a happy new year, we wanted to say Warm Wishes instead, and share some lessons we have learned and what we will be mindful of moving forward into 2022. 

Carolyn: Over the past two years, the realization of how much is out of my control has been a humbling one. I’m sooooo over the pandemic and all the discourse that it has triggered. Part of how I have processed over this period has been listening to what my body, mind and soul are needing. I don’t watch the news or follow closely to what’s happening, if I need to rest and be alone-I do that! I continue to work on my personal goals because life IS still happening. In 2022 I’ll be continuing to invest in my own happiness.  I’m going to enjoy each day as much as possible and continue to ride the pandemic wave remembering that this is my first time living through this kind of experience. 2022 is going to have so many amazing moments despite the pandemic. I refuse to let it ruin the overall experience of my life. Cheers to our fighting spirit and resiliency! 

Elora: In 2022, I am going to continue to take things one day at a time. I am going to try to celebrate the small things and be grateful for moments of peace and joy. I’m not sure what is in store for me or the world this year, but I hope we can all be a bit kinder and more patient with one another. Sending love and light to everyone, we’re all in this together! 

Kyle: Not to be insensitive but as an astrological crabby Cancer who adores his shell, I’ve quite enjoyed the lockdown. Stay home?! But that’s where my wife, coffee, cats, board games, video games, music and movies are!
Suddenly whenever I did go out, people were required by law to stay a certain distance away from me, and only a few at a time were allowed to be in the same place as me, and they all had to wear masks. It’s like the universe was trying to kill me with happiness!
However, the lesson I learned is that while it’s tempting to stay in a happy bubble forever, doing so cuts yourself off from new experiences. Sometimes you have to leave behind the good to make room for the better, or so I’m told. 2022 is going to involve a bit of peeking out from my shell and seeing what else is going on out there.

Simran: I’ve always been a planner, not having a plan gives me extreme anxiety. One thing that I’ve learned and practiced over the past 2 years of the pandemic is being okay with things changing or diverting from the plan I had. Learning to take each day at a time and practicing gratitude for the good things that have happened no matter how big or small. 

Heather: Finding small moments of happiness has helped me over these difficult last couple of years. Going into nature has helped me to be present and appreciate what I do have in my life. Whether it’s hiking in the woods or kayaking on the lake, it allows me to be mindful and find some moments of peace.  I encourage everyone to practise self care and find what gives you a moment of peace.  We may not have any control of what’s going to happen, but we can be mindful of the current moment, right now. 

Josh: Hold fast to your friends and family. Life is difficult, even in the best of times. But reaching out to others has been a life saver for me time and time again. It’s okay if you can’t see others in person, and it’s okay if there are times you don’t want to reach out. But knowing that they’re there is a comfort, and it’s important to realize that you can be a comfort to others too. Recognize your own strength and resiliency, even when it feels like it’s not there. Because even though you might not see it right away, others can.

Scarlett: 2021 has been a majorly transformative year for me in a lot of ways, it has seen me break and put myself back together more times than I can count. It has shown me I had more strength than I believed I could, and it has also shown me how impactful it is to feel a team of supporters holding your hand. Relationships can be so powerful, and I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am for the people who haven’t stopped believing in me. I hope to go into 2022 continuing this journey to finding healthy Scarlett, so that I can better give back to my friends and loved ones and really be able to actively participate in life.

Wishing all the best to every one of you reading this, take care, and look for those moments of peace in your lives.