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Weedless Wednesday

Today is Weedless Wednesday!

National Non-Smoking Week isn’t just about tobacco anymore and it is important to remember that no matter what you are smoking, it isn’t good for your health. 

Although Weedless Wednesday started out by encouraging tobacco users to quit for just one day, with the legalization of cannabis earlier this year Weedless Wednesday can take on a new meaning.  No matter what you smoke it is important to understand that there are serious health consequences that can come from inhaling any type of smoke.  For many years we have heard about the dangers of smoking tobacco but we often minimize the health effects of smoking cannabis.

Here are some facts about cannabis smoke that might help encourage you to try quitting, even for just one day:

  • Cannabis smoke, just like tobacco smoke, contains tar and other know cancer causing ingredients.  Often times people who are smoking cannabis hold unfiltered smoke in their lungs for long periods of time to maximize the effects.  
  • Just like tobacco smoke, cannabis smoke irritates the respiratory system and chronic marijuana smoking has been linked to bronchitis. 
  • Heavy cannabis users often feel reduced motivation for work or school 
  • Studies have found an association between heavy regular cannabis users and the onset of schizophrenia 
  • Heavy use of cannabis can have long term effects on attention, memory or processing information for weeks, months or years after some stops using cannabis.
  • Abstinence is the safest practice when it comes to smoking tobacco or cannabis but we know this isn’t realistic for everyone.  Remember that regular inhalation of cannabis smoke can have negative effects on your respiratory system.  If you choose to continue to use cannabis, try an alternative method such as edibles or vaporizing, although each comes with it’s own set of risks and negative health effects.   

If you are curious and want to learn more about cannabis and its risks check out: 

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  2. Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines (LRCUG) for Youth

Goodluck in your quit journey and remember that each quit attempt is one attempt closer to quitting for good!