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Welcome to the new!

mindyourmind says thanks!

Just in time for the holiday season, the new mindyourmind has arrived! Hopefully you were expecting it (or dare I hope, excited for it) and that it’s everything you wanted and more.

A lot has changed, the look is the least of it. We’re rearranged content into more logical places (band interviews and author interviews together at last!), added tags to help you search through content by topic, been mindful of language and usability, and done a ton of work on our new search engine ‘Ask Amica’ (which we’ll be launching in late-March).

The new mindyourmind was built by our users, for our users. It’s clean, simple and will allow you to access everything we have (well, nearly all) on the go or at home.  The work that has been done is amazing, with hundreds of hours being put in my experts in different fields.

Each one of these people has devoted their time, love and commitment towards making sure that people can get help in tough times, easily and in the way they want.

So, from everyone at mindyourmind, we want to give a very special thank you to all our supporters that contributed in various ways to get us where we are today! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Our project funder, the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

The Usability and Marketing Street Team: Davis (18), Scarlett (19), Nick (17), Taylor (17), Ivy (17), Micah (21) and Rush (23).

Researchers from UWO: Dr. Diane Neal, Dr. Jacqueline Burkell, and Ye Lui (R.A.).

Professor Gord Nickerson’s Web Usability Class from the UWO: Brian Rooney, David Sirka, Simon Morris, Kaitlyn Armstrong, Lynn MacDonald, Kyle Feenstra, Katie Giffen, Caroline Chung, Diane Nguyen, Kim Gibson, Cathy Pak, Morgan Rayment, Theodore Foss, Erin Wallace, Aleksandra Majka, Kirin Wright and Ruby Lavallee.

Our Plain Language Youth Advisory Team: Taylor (17), Riley (14), Inali (23), Jason (17), Deana (21), Kinnery (21), Rush (23), and Mykah (21).

The Project FYI Youth Team: Amanda, Aatatyna, Taylor, Weiting, Sheila, Jaxson, Benjamin and Vanessa.

The Interactive Tool Testing Team: Erika, Jeremy, Alvaro, Kerri, Arturs, Justin, Chris, Mark, Michele, Laura, Stew, Ryan and Anthony.

Our Professional Advisors: Dr. Michelle Gilpin, C. Psych (Project Coordinator, TVDSB), Dr Adam Enchin (Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Youthdale Treatment Centre), Jane Beradini (Public Health Nurse, Middlesex London Health Unit), Marion Whitfield (Madam Vanier Children Services, Crisis Intake Team), Paula Brunkard. M. Ed. (Supervisor at Carizon Family and Community Services and KidsLink), Andrea Yip, M.P.H. (Founder and Principal, The Public Health Studio), Sue Browning (Family Service Thames Valley), Edith Richardson (Family Service Thames Valley), Matt Tod (Associate Director, Free the Children), Nadine Lalonde (Employment Consultant, College Boreal), Nicole McRae (Youth Counsellor, Sea to Sky Community Services), Jose Mejia (Adult Forensic Psychiatrist, London Health Sciences Centre), Michelle Faoro, RN (Adult In-Patient Mental Health Services, London Health Sciences Centre), Carrie Stevenson-Lim (Occupational Therapist, WOTCH Community Services), Dr Dr. Llewellyn Joseph (Child and Adolescent psychiatrist, Southlake Regional Health Centre) and Kayla Sookoo (Child and Youth Worker student, Fanshawe College).

The Authors of Our Research Books and Articles: Steve Krug (Dont Make Me Think), Susan Sweeney (101 Ways to Promote Your Website), Jakob Nielson (Designing Web Usability), Susan Weinschenk (100 Things Every Developer Needs To Know About People), C.M. Winters (Usability Testing for Library Websites), Douglas K. Van Duyne, James A. Landay, and Jason I. Hong (The Design of Sites: Patterns for Creating Winning Web Sites), Chandler and Karen Hyatt (Customer-Centered Design: A New Approach to Web Usability), 37Signals (Defensive Design For The Web: How to Improve Error Messages, Help Forms and Other Crisis Points), and Yahoo (Yahoo Style Guide).

Cheers to each and every one of you!