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Wentworth Miller talks about past suicide attempts

September 10 is World Suicide Awareness Day. A day to remember and commemorate those we've lost to suicide. A day to think about how we can be more compassionate, kind, caring to those who are struggling. A day to remember that we should never judge. A day to remind us perhaps of our own previous thoughts or attempts of suicide.Wentworth Miller, the star of Prison Break, did just that this past weekend at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner in Seattle, where he talked about his first suicide attempt at the age of 15. He was shunned and ostracized for being gay throughout his life and saw no other way out. Even after he was a famous actor on a successful television series, he feared coming out publicly. No one should ever feel that way. View Wentworth's story in this 2 part video below.And use September 10th perhaps as a beginning to think about how you can have a real conversation about suicide - whether it's for yourself needing to reach out for help or for a friend who needs help, don't live in silence or in fear or in pain. There is ALWAYS a better option. You can start changing the course of a life with one small talking about it.