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On what I learned from Wal-mart

The morality of Wal-Mart’s enterprising standards is a contentious argument. I was once drawn into the feverish fervor of the anti-Wal-Mart tirade, but now that fever has passed, leaving me cold and numb to the issue. I still find many faults with their practices, choosing not to fall into their clutches, yet I no longer allow my values to be so heavily swayed against them.Yes, they have poor employment practices, they utilize sweatshop labour, they often seem ignorant of land standing in the way of development, they continuously crush market-diversity under their monopolizing weight in the name of Capitalist advancement, not to mention they’re evil, greedy, soul-less bastards, victimizing everyone from employee A, to local store-owner B, but alas, that is our way. They have successfully capitalized on the marketed outcry that Capitalism can do no wrong, that anything short of free-enterprise and corporate autonomy is Communism, and therefore evil.For this is the American way, and let us not fool ourselves, into believing the Canadian way is anything more than sycophantic regurgitation. For at home, the only difference is that there is no question that we did not elect Bush. Abroad, we enjoy the liberty of labeling ourselves as assholes, rather than presuming that role under a blanket-stereotype.But I digress, I am not arguing for or against Wal-Mart, nor for or against the virtues of our Capitalist system, but rather, I am encouraging people to dissuade themselves fro being corrupted by their own value-systems. For you see, the prime source of contention with Wal-Mart comes from those who stand to collect union dues.This, then is the ultimate truth of life; everyone is waiting to collect. Disillusioning as it is, morals and values are simply used as a marketing tool to win people’s support. On any side of an issue, there is someone who stands to profit. When our value -systems are implemented to support a hidden agenda, one is easily distracted from seeing the whole picture, deceived into creating it themselves, with only half the dots. Such propaganda tactics not only feed upon, but rely on and insight further ignorance.So do not be alarmed by Wal-Mart’s questionable practices, do not concern yourself with their steady advancement of the human condition, for at the end of the day, you still have tomorrow to get through. The only way in which to keep your moral fibre intact, is to only listen to one’s own conscience. For the collective conscience, collects on conscience. I close my argument with this truism, and classic hip-hop proverb: Cash Rules Everything Around Me!