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What makes you so flawed?

My friend posted this picture today. As much as I love the fit life, I love this cartoon and its message.

Do you feel like that little guy most of the time? It’s ok if you do – many people are in the same boat. If you can’t love yourself – nothing else matters: not how skinny, fit, well-dressed you are. Loving yourself is hard, but after that – everything else is easy.

Positive change starts in the mind. Are you ready to change? You won’t need a gym membership, a diet plan or expensive supplements. All you need now is a bit of time, a pen and paper. It is really important you write this down, not just think about it. Try to answer the following questions without censoring yourself, and as honestly as possible. This is heavy, and hard work.

What makes you so flawed? So unlovable?

Have you heard this negative message before? Where from? Some people are surprised to find that these messages have been passed down from their parents, their caregivers or others. Those messages weren't always there.

The things that you believe about yourself – are they true?

What would make you a better, more lovable person?

Now take a look in the mirror, a full length one if you have it. This is you. This is who you are. Your hair, your face, your body. The person in the mirror is the one who needs to be loved by you, before feeling like she / he can be loved by the world.

Go back to your paper and let out any more poison you’ve been holding back about yourself. Put everything else you believe is bad about yourself in there. For me, it would be how short I am, my thin hair, my bony forearms, etc.

Now for the truth. What makes you lovable? What are your strengths? It doesn't have to be just physical – go on and write all that’s awesome about yourself down.

Is there something you want to change about yourself? How are you going to do it? What is your goal?

Hopefully by now your mind has shifted from negative to a goal-oriented mindset. Keep what you wrote. Every night, add in 3 good things about you or that you’ve done that day. In a few weeks go back to what you wrote in your negative mindset and see how true it is anymore.