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Whats Up Wear Your Label?

mindyourmind interviewed Kayley and Kyle, cofounders of wear your label (WYL), a mental health stigma busting fashion company from Fredericton, New Brunswick back in 2015. Since then what was a school project turned passion project has excelled into a full blown small company!

There have been many exciting things coming from WYL, from introducing many new clothing lines partnered with amazing people and companies, to introducing five new members to the team, and so much more! So what have been the highlights? In 2016, WYL was named as one in seven North American Stigma Free workplaces by the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI), which is defined as a “company pledged to take a stand against the stigma that surrounds mental illness, and help support those affected by mental health conditions.” Later on that year, they partnered with NAMI to create one of their signature pieces the #StigmaFree t-shirt. According to their website and blogs, the year 2017 is shaping up to be WYL’s best year yet!

When we last caught up with WYL, the company was excited to be working on a special project with Joe Fresh spring. In October 2015, they were accepted as one of six companies to receive mentorship from the Joe Fresh team for 18 months. This prompted half the team, at the time (the two co-founders), to move to Toronto. The Joe Fresh Centre provided WYL with not only mentoring, but also office space and connections which have helped them mould into the company which we see today! As of April,2017 they have graduated from the Joe Fresh Centre for Fashion Innovation and received $15,000 to put towards future steps of the company, way to go WYL! Since their Joe Fresh graduation we have seen WYL partner with three Instagram poets, where they put the poet's words on their shirts! With all this happening in the past two years we are excited to see what the future holds for Wear Your Label!

You can check out our interview with Wear Your Label.