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When Sleep Isn’t an Option; Exam Season Self Care Tools

It’s that time of the year again. When your days are full of memorizing twelve weeks of course content and probably drinking one too many coffees, all in the hopes of getting through the infamous exam season. We’ve all been there, and hey, we’ve gotten through it.

But it can feel like a long time, and your body may be taking the brunt of those late night study sessions. It’s important to take a minute and give back to your body and mind, they’re the ones working overtime!  While it feels like an obvious solution, getting enough sleep is actually really important, but I know that some days ‘sleep’ feels like a distant memory. Here are some tips that will help you during the day to help your body feel the best it can be even when you haven’t gotten enough sleep.

  1. Drink Water: I can’t stress this enough! Being dehydrated and tired together is the ultimate villainous duo. When I’m drinking enough water, I immediately feel better!
  2. Vitamin-C: Vitamin-C packets are available at any grocery or drug store and add a kick to your immune system, plus there are so many yummy flavours!
  3. Essential Oils: An essential oil can change the whole mood. My personal favourites for fighting sleepiness and anxiety are orange and eucalyptus. They stimulate your senses and give you that boost to help you get through and enjoy your day!
  4. Snacks: Snacks can be the best motivation when studying, but they are also really important to brain health and function. Veggies and hummus are my personal fave, but there are plenty other tasty and healthy options! Dark chocolate, almonds, popcorn, and apples with peanut butter are all other great options.
  5. Self Care: One of my favourite things to do when I’m studying at home is a simultaneous self care routine; face-mask, hair-mask, foot soak – these are all great ways to take the “blah” out of studying.
  6. Take a Break: I never understood the importance of brain breaks until my last year of university. These breaks help my brain process information and actually make my memory better! Sometimes I do mindless things with my breaks, like colour, or fold laundry- this can even knock two things off your list – studying and chores! 

Ultimately, finding your own equilibrium is the best way to get through exam season and stay healthy, but when more sleep is difficult to reach, these tips can help keep you hydrated, fed, and balanced.