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Where did our Flash Games go?

If you are a regular visitor to mindyourmind you may have noticed that a number of our older games and tools have recently disappeared from the site. These tools relied on the Adobe Flash player to run in the browser and as of December 31, 2020 Adobe has discontinued support for the platform. Furthermore, all future browser updates for Safari, Chrome, FireFox and Edge will have the player disabled by default.

Flash experienced it’s share of security issues even during the best of times and with Adobe no longer providing updates it becomes an ongoing security risk to your browser. We didn’t want to encourage that and so it became time for us to say goodbye to these older games.

But all is not lost! We have been working behind the scenes to recreate these tools in standard HTML to once again run in your browser - and this time work on mobile devices as well! We hope to update most of the old tools and games to this new format.

Keep checking the mindyourmind Tools section to see what’s been updated and if you are missing any tool or game in particular please contact us and let us know. Your input can help us decide what gets updated next.

And for those who mentioned the missing games and tools - thanks for sticking with us for all these years!