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A Whole New World

Starting university is a big thing… it’s a scary thing. High school is just over for me and now that it’s actually finished… it really feels like I’m done. The feeling that you get once summer comes from elementary school all the way through high school is a much different feeling that it is now for me. Before it was getting ready for the sweet, fun summer plans ahead and by the end of August preparing to return back to the familiar, comforting school that you were used to already with the teachers that you knew and the friends that you trusted.Now starting University is a new chapter in our lives its where all your friends split up and go to new schools and your forced to start fresh in the world and make new ones. It’s a feeling unlike before because our lives are filling up with new, more challenging responsibilities such as making money for school, working, signing up for courses and getting ready for a much heavier workload.It’s a big step that we take in our lives, a new stage of our lives but it doesn’t mean we should be afraid of it… but to take it as it is and just dive. We have become liberated at last! We now have the freedom to practice all of our lives skills from along the way and to play in a more mature way.I’m so excited!? Aren’t you?“A whole new world, a dazzling place I’d never been… no one to tell us no, or where to go… now I’m in a whole new world with you…”- AladdinWritten by Anonymous, 18