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Why is Harry Potter SO famous??

Well the obvious answer for this question is of course because he is the “Boy who lived”, the “Chosen One” that is to conquer Lord Voldemort and save not only the wizarding world but the Muggle world as well. But I am not about to discuss the book so to speak in its depth but I will discuss WHY this book has captured all of our souls around the world and made millions of kids so keen to reading like no other.  When I was nine years old I received the first three Harry Potter books as a gift from my parents. I remembered being really excited about it because earlier that year our teacher had read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone to the class. Normally if I had been given books I would push them aside and barely take a look at what’s inside. But when it came to reading Harry Potter it wasn’t the book I would push aside but everything else. They were (and are) the best stories that I have ever read and fell in love with them right away. I always wished that they were real and that one day just like in Harry’s case I would receive my Hogwarts acceptance letter… although it never came, I like to think that it got stolen by some house elf who thought I was better off here. It’s a shame it never came because I was (and still am) so obsessed with this Harry Potter phenomenon to the point of wanting to go there so bad I would leave everything behind. The fame of Harry Potter is easily understood by all of those who read the books. This is because we simply grew up with the books. We as kids fell in love with Harry Potter and his adventures instead of growing out of it like any other fad such as Pogs, Crazy bones, Pokemon, and The series of Unfortunate Events because we grew with it. As we got older the context of the book also matured with us and held on to all of its avid readers. The world is in such a huge frenzy with every movie and every book that comes because once you start the series you have a need to read about what happens next.This is the same with adults, once the book has been started it’s a must to continue. Adults I’m sure have also fell in love with Harry Potter because it’s a story like no other. It’s the way J.K Rowling writes, and the details that she puts in for all the plots are truly incredible especially with how everything fits perfectly together. Reading these books is our way of being part of that world. All fans live through the series of these books if we can’t actually be in that world … we all live vicariously through them and the adventures of Harry Potter. This is what keeps us glued to each page, and this is what keeps us eager for the next movie.