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Why I Love Big White Wall

Hey Friends! Have you heard about Big White Wall yet? If you haven’t, you need to check it out! This online platform is all about peer support and is monitored by clinicians; which means there is always professional support, and comments and feedback are being accounted for. 

This is great for two reasons: 

1) You get to talk with people who are really living their healing process and can be there for each other as you navigate this. Big White Wall is also anonymous and that can take a layer of pressure off being vulnerable with people. 

2) Having professional counsellors to monitor interactions brings that extra healing bonus! It means the space and dynamic is being maintained and people who are in a different place and needing something different, are able to be addressed. Vibes don’t have to shift in this safe space online! As well, you get that professional dynamic and having that in your life is awesome.   

If you’re still not sure, something I like to do when trying something new is start/join, and then take my time. Sometimes I know I want to try something, but I want to feel in control while I do something new (which is a little out of my control lol), so I take my time. Observe. Think about what I may say and see what others are saying. Then I start with offering something helpful to someone else… being vulnerable is a process! What is yours? Begin taking your own steps and the time you need to open up.