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Women's rights

1. Ummm.. all I have to say to this one is.. thank goddess im Canadian. In Utah, a woman can go to prison if she miscarries, something that is unavoidable for 1 in 4 women.....

2. On a separate note, what's so offensive about saying 'vagina'??

I think we should start making a point to free the word and use it more frequently in public..(and quite frankly.. watching idiots pour blue water on the tampons and maxi pads on tv is getting a bit annoying.. I don't know about you but when I bleed.. it sure as heck isnt blue kool-aid coloured) lets demystify the language that is anatomy.  And we wonder why so many young girls know nothing about the realistic anatomy of their bodies.. because we use pretend words to represent our vagina's and make darn sure they are a secret place hidden dark between your legs where no one should ever go.. maybe we should research into why so many wonen have difficulty with intimacy or self exploration!!! 

Take that stupid tv censorship.. better yet, lets start our own tv network.. could you imagine? Tv that you actually learn from? OH MY what a thought!!

Thanks for listening to my rant