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Yogathon held at mindyourmind for Schizophrenia Society of Ontario

Peace of Minds Yogathon will support the mission of Schizophrenia Society of Ontario (SSO) and those living with schizophrenia and psychosis. This annual event draws energy and power to the healing component of yoga in the balance of mental health and physical wellness. The Schizophrenia Society of Ontario goal for 2014 is to raise $55,000.

Yoga has long been seen as a tool for improving mental health. Today, many therapists include yoga and other body-focused practices in their work. A growing number of studies indicate that yoga can be excellent tool in treating severe mental illnesses because of its effectiveness in managing stress. Our event is designed to showcase the proven benefits of the practice to a wide audience of all ages and abilities, and raise funds for much needed support. 

mindyourmind is donating their space in London, Ontario to contribute to this event. Join us for the Peace of Minds Yogathon!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • When: Friday, February 21st at 5 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm (or 8 pm - 30 minute meditation class). There are 20 spots per class.
  • Where:  mindyourmind in Citi Plaza, 355 Wellington Street, Unit 285 (North / library side of mall, 2nd floor).
  • Sign up and register for one of the 4 classes.
  • Please bring a mat and water.
  • All levels of yoga participants are welcome.
  • Cost: there is a minimum $10 donation at the door (cash only) or online.  All funds will go to the SSO. Please bring a receipt with you if you are making your donation online.
  • If you are unable to attend the fundraiser, but would still like to make a donation to the SSO on behalf of mindyourmind, please do so here.
  • Event facebook page.

Classes will be taught by certified instructors:

5 pm instructor – Helena

Helena is a yoga instructor at Active Spirit Yoga.  “We believe that yoga is for everyone and is in everything. We set out to offer yoga to all ages, from babies in the womb to the elderly who need assistance in their daily lives.”

6 pm instructor - Jeff

My name is Jeff and it is my intention to provide students with both a physically and mentally challenging practice, while not forgetting about the physical and psychological benefits of restorative work done on the mat.

My yoga journey began when I was first faced with the pressures of completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Anthropology, and commencing my first career in public service. After about a year of home practices, I was invited to attend a hot yoga class. It changed my life. It was not long before I was a regular fixture in a hot room, and began to deepen my asana practice (postures), while learning about the other 7 limbs of yoga, and practicing mindfulness meditation, and attending vipassana style meditation retreats. 

As a 200 hour trained Yoga teacher and an ex-Probation Officer, I am now committed to introducing yoga and meditation practices to all I meet, as a therapeutic means of healing, moving forward, and balancing the pressures of life, which can easily be compounded by addiction and mental health issues at any time.

Please come and enjoy a class where you are invited to experience the benefits of unifying the sensations of both your body and your mind. See if you can experience in your final resting pose, what Lau Tzu meant when he said "To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders". Namaste

7 pm instructor - Linda

Linda began her yoga journey about a decade ago to help alleviate lower-back issues that plagued her daily. Since then, she's found yoga to be therapy for not only the body but for the mind as well. Linda is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified instructor and wants to share this magic bullet with others who struggle with back pain, are stressed out, or just want to stretch, relax and feel incredible.

8 pm meditation instructor - Jeff

About the event hosts:

Christine is a member of the SSO and has a family member who lives with schizophrenia.  She is also a health professional working with youth around mental health issues and is passionate about making it better for people who live with not only schizophrenia but any mental health challenges.

Diana is a professional that works in the mental health field. She is passionate about helping those with mental health issues and is an avid believer in the mind-body connection and the healing that can happen in yoga and meditation. Diana is very excited to contribute to this cause and spread positive awareness about schizophrenia and wellness.