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Young Health Program launch by Max

Last night was the launch of the Young Health Program held at the mindyourmind offices, the event was filled with people from all around the area who were interested in the launch of this incredible resource. The Young Health Program “is a global community investment initiative that aims to improve the health of vulnerable young people around the world – now and into the future.” The purpose of this event was to introduce people to the tool that had been created, to allow them to go through it and experience it.

Along with that, it was a social event where people with ideas could congregate and share with one another. There were speakers who represented each of the partners in the program who brought their own flair by describing what they brought to the table, and what they hope to take away from the project as a whole. The entire event was very upbeat and had a buzz of excitement about it that was electric.

It is true that “1 in 5 young people who need mental health services currently receive them; and 70% of mental health problems have their onset during adolescence,” with this in mind we can see the purpose of this program launch, to help better the lives of an entire generation. To sum up the event in the words of Dr. Bruce Ferguson: “Young people run on hope like cars run on gas.” With this event and this resource we hope to turn that hope into results that will better the lives of millions.

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