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Zentangle: My Latest Hobby

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time on a new activity that I discovered through my internship here at mindyourmind. It’s called Zentangle and it’s is basically a form of meditative drawing that soothes the innermost part of my Autism Spectrum Disordered soul. So, I thought I’d share the joy of Zentangle with you all, along with some of my personal creations to get you motivated, because if I can do it, so can anyone. I cannot draw to save my life, but you don’t have to know how to draw to Zentangle. If you can make a circle, a period, a bracket and a line, you can do it and no, they don’t even have to be close to perfect. In fact, there are no mistakes in Zentangle and the little imperfections are part of what makes each piece unique and beautiful. Below are some pictures of my work and links to some helpful sites where you can find out more about what Zentangle is all about and how you can do it too.

Zentangle was invented in 2003 by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts. It’s a great way to calm your mind. So far, the evidence is only anecdotal, but it seems to have a positive effect on people suffering from phobias, addiction and workplace stress. On top of that, the things you make look awesome and it’s a cool way to express yourself without words. Give it a try. Get tangled!

Check out an interview we did with Hoto Art Therapy, who is also using art to help people suffering with mental illness.

You could also use Zentangles in your art journal. What is an art journal? Luckily, mindyourmind’s Kathryn wrote a blog about just that.

Check out all the awesome art submitted by young people to mindyourmind by visiting our Expression page, and don’t be shy about sharing all your awesome art by sending it to