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Book Review: Are u ok? How to know if you need help & Where to find it.

“I know that all of the choices, reasons, and options can feel overwhelming, but breathe and take that first step.You will never regret reaching out for help when you need it. I know I haven’t, and seeing a therapist to talk things through and gain some perspective will always be part of my life. It helped me recognize parts of myself that I love and want to cultivate, and others I am ashamed of and want to snuff out. Allow the trained professionals in your area the chance to help you change. All that you may feel, or whatever you’ve been through, isn’t too much. You are important, you deserve to feel better.”

Kati Morton is a licensed marriage and family therapist from the United States. She has a very informative and popular YouTube channel and recently wrote Are u ok? How to Know if You Need Help & Where to Find It. Kati believes that everyone can benefit from therapy at any time. This is why she has been driven to create videos and write this book. She wanted to break down barriers and help people access therapy.

I read this book and would absolutely recommend it! Kati has a very approachable and friendly writing style, she weaves her own experiences into the book which makes it very interesting. The book is also incredibly practical. If you’ve never been to therapy and have no idea where to start, this is the book for you! Kati explains things like:  

  • When to seek counselling
  • Different levels and types of mental health treatment (inpatient, outpatient, etc.)
  • Different types of mental health treatments
  • How to set up your first appointment and what to say
  • What happens in therapy
  • What makes a good or bad therapist
  • Relapse prevention and self care
  • And much more!

In the second half of the book she also has more general information:

  • Types of toxic relationships & ways to get out
  • Healthy communication tips
  • Conflict resolution tips
  • Self Care & Safety planning

The only downside is that since Kati is based in the US, not all of the information applies to the Canadian context. Overall this is a really practical book, it’s engaging and helpful. Great for yourself or anyone in your life who might be struggling.