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Be Safe Mobile App Youth Team 2014


mindyourmind staff, youth partners, and CAMH- London Service Collaborative


Be Safe is an app that will allow you to make a safety plan, inform you about resources in your region, give you options for getting help and empower you to reach out safely. It is meant to help youth find the right help in a crisis.

The app has three main areas, the decision making tool, a safety plan, and a list of resources for London and Middlesex area. Ideally, the user will fill out the safety plan in a safe space with a person who is a support to them. The app will display a few resources for the user to choose from, along with contact information. A script is also available with suggestions for what to say if they decide to call for help.


Be Safe began to take form in March 2013. The Design Studio weekends (development meeting with CAMH, mindyourmind and the youth team) took place that summer. Ongoing development occured until the launch, April 1st, 2014. Version 2 is under development that will contain updated information including provincial and community resources aimed at other regions outside London, ON.


Started in London, Ontario, Be Safe has since become a Canada-wide resource. The Be Safe team is located in London.


The London Service Collaborative found there was a gap where youth were coming to hospital emergency rooms in mental health crises and not getting the help they need. The original goal of Be Safe was to diverge young people from using the ER in a mental health crisis, and to direct them to other resources that may better fit their needs. However, it is absolutely encouraged to go to the ER when other crisis resources are not available or are not feeling like enough to maintain safety.

Read more about the youth co-development process and the London Service Collaborative.

2021 UPDATE: The Be Safe App by mindyourmind was relaunced!

To download and find out more about how to use Be Safe by mindyourmind, visit


Ivy, 18, I used to try and memorize as much of "pi" as I could for fun.  I'm involved with the Be Safe project because I love everything mindyourmind has done and continues to do for youth. I want to help create projects like this so that young people feel safer and get the help they deserve.


Taylor, age 18.  I got involved with the Be Safe app because it's important to ensure that youth know where to go when they need help. My hope is through using the app, young people will be able to make decisions in crisis situations and get the help they need and deserve.

One random fact about me is that I'm a little bit scared of pineapple.


My name is Trina and I am 21

Why Did I Get Involved?: Having had negative personal experiences going to the emergency room in crisis I knew firsthand the issues many others face and wanted to help others to not have those types of experiences!  One Random Fact About Me: I really enjoy gardening!


Inali, 24.  I got involved with the Be Safe Project  because navigating the mental health system was really difficult and stressful for me when I was younger, and sometimes still is. This is a resource that I wish I would have had.  At the time I always joked that I would need to create the services I need in order to access them, I guess it was true. 

I am a poet and I love to sing, skill sets that I have actually found quite useful in a practical way while learning how to make change in the systems. Being able to see connections where others do not and express my ideas to different fields has been great.


Deana - age, 23. I hope the Be Safe app will help people access their safety plan when they need it the most and guide them to appropriate resources.One random fact about me is that I have 1 hour towards my pilots license.


My name is Alicia and I am 24.  I got involved in BeSafe because it's something I would have loved to have when I am in crisis. It helps youth find the resource that fits them best. One random fact about me is that I am a circus performer! 


Erin - age, 29. I got involved in the Be Safe project to help and give back to the mental health community by allowing crucial changes to take place. Working with mindyourmind is always such a pleasure for me! One random fact about me is that I never go anywhere without paper and at least two pens (one for back up!).


My name is Christel and I am 23. I got involved with the Be Safe group because I wanted to improve my community's mental health services and make it more easily accessible for others to get help. A random fact about me is that I have been bungee jumping and I am I love with fried chicken, it's just so good!