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Bringing Home the Bacon Group - November 2016

Credit Counselling Thames Valley, a program of Family Service Thames Valley, and mindyourmind are excited to launch a new game designed by young adults to encourage financial literacy and skills development.  This game, made possible through Prosperity Funding from Libro Credit Union, is loaded with information about budgeting, saving, and loans.

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Finance and credit can at often times be a grueling and stressful topic for young adults. There are many life decisions involving financial details that many young adults are ill prepared to make; often falling prey to contracts that they don’t understand or not fully understanding how credit works. Credit Counselling Thames Valley and mindyourmind noticed this knowledge gap and created “Bringing Home the Bacon” to help address the need for financial literacy amongst young adults aged 17 to 28. mindyourmind organized a design studio, comprising of 10-12 young adults, who researched and co-designed this interactive method of reaching younger generations who may not yet be thinking about finances. With a jeopardy-like format, players have the option to play as a single player, in pairs or up to 4 teams. The team format will help team leaders and educators use the game in a classroom, educational or group setting. The game provides links to financial resources and offers tips to help players learn a little bit more about managing their money.

There is also a printable pdf Resource List in the game.


“It’s an awesome way to help young people learn about a topic that tends to be dull, by presenting it in a way that is relevant and appealing to them”
~ Scarlett, age 22

“I just had the chance to play the game in full, and I’ve learned so much! Thank you!”  
~ Kelsey, age 20