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Delisle Youth Services "Getting High?" - November 2012

This is the second collaboration mindyourmind did with Delisle Youth Services (DYS) in Toronto. This group, Sessions, focuses on drug awareness and harm reduction. After many hours brainstorming, rough sketches and discussions they decided on the "Getting High?" tool!

There were 6 wonderful and unique youth whom were a part of Sessions, a program run by DYS. Over a span of 2 days we developed a tool that could help other youth learn about drugs and be informed in a nonintrusive and non-judgemental way. The questions we provide are some that not everybody might consider before entering a situation or doing a substance. We are hoping youth will re-evaluate their circumstances to ensure they are safe and that will prevent people from finding themselves in risky situations.  Jessica, 16

Check out what each participant has to say about the tool, and a bit about themselves. The group decided to use an item to represent them to keep their identity private and mindyourmind respects that!

M, 19

I got involved with this project because I have a great interest in drugs and harm reduction is an issue close to my heart.

I hope the tool will help people learn more about drugs and marke safer choices.

I chose the ampule to represent myself because as an aspiring pharmacologist I thought a sterile vessel in which drugs are stored would be appropriate.


I am Françoi5!!, 17

I got involved because my gf dragged me here.

Show the difference between recreational use and addiction.

My watch is symbolic to me reverting to the old fashioned ways by not checking new aged cell phones to know the time.


Robyn, 18

I got involved because I think none judgemental critical thinking tools are important for youth to access.

I hope this tool will help youth make safe sensible decisions

My bestest weirdo gave the bracelet to me on my birthday and I love it lots. And I love her.

“An energetic, complete way of engaging everyone to work together.”


Juliet Sassafras, 18

I got involved with this project because “Queer as Soup” was such a fun and educational project, I definitely wanted to be a part of it again.

I hope the tool will provide help to youth who are struggling with substance questions and information, or lack of, to help them decide what is the best thing for them to do. This tool is non-bias and non-judgemental, which is freaking awesome.

This is the longest hair colour I’ve maintained in a very long time (it’s been a whole year!). And I need a picture of it because I’m redying it soon.

“I think it’s important to provide youth with resources that are helpful instead of judgemental with all issues, but specifically drug information because there is so much stigma centered around it.”


Jessica, 16

I wanted to come to this to enrich my knowledge of drugs. I’ve come to these types of events before and I’ve always come out taking fond memories with me. I hope the tool will help other youth learn more about drugs without being intrusive.

I chose my hand drawing to represent myself as it shows my past, the word incorporated into the drawing is hurt as every time I want to hurt myself I write it out instead.

“Carl loves you. She wants only the best. By questioning ourselves we find the answers to more than we’d like to know.”


Savannah, 14

I got involved because I needed a good excuse to get away from cleaning my house, and being paid to help people seemed like a better option than vacuuming.

I am placing all of my faith into this tool, hoping that it has a positive impact on others, otherwise my time would has been spent procrastinate rather than doing helpful productive work on a Saturday.

I chose a picture of the DYS Studio entranced to represent me because that place inspired me to become an open minded individual and has taught me things about myself that would have otherwise come to light much further down the road. I owe a lot to the Studio and for this reason I believe it’s a good iconic image for me.