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Delisle Youth Services "monSTRESSity" - May 2013

mindyourmind partnered with a team of youth from Delisle Youth Services to create a tool that would provide tips for managing anxiety in every day situations. All the participants of this group live with anxiety so their personal experience informed the game’s development. They carefully chose the locations to be relatable to youth and the monsters they drew to be representative and inclusive. The youth also created 'superpower'- accessories that represent various coping skills. Everyone experiences anxiety at some point. It's normal, but it's not always easy. 

"We wanted to make a tool that had something to do with managing anxiety because its something that affects so many youth in so many different ways. We decided to go in a self care sort of direction because we found that a lot of the time self care isnt talked about or valued in our society. I think monstressity is a useful tool because almost everyone can find a useful coping strategy to deal with stress." Zephyr, 16

The group decided to use an image as their bio pic. They then describe what the image means to them, how they wanted this tool to help others and why this tool is important. Some didn't want to use their name and choose an alias, and mindyourmind respects their privacy. 

Zephyr, 16

I chose my sunglasses with the turquoise background because I'm never really without them anymore, and they've become a pretty big part of my identity. Turquoise is also my favourite colour.

I'm really hoping that the tool will be able to give those who play it the skills to manage stressful situations and anxiety, or just in general help better equip youth with different self care techniques. Also monsters are pretty cool.


Drai, 17

I chose my original character for my object. I've had that thing for years now and I've thought up of many stories for it and other characters. I have fun when I think up of stories and character development for this character and many others. I strive to one day make an online web comic for this character and others.

I hope that this tool will be a fun way for people to learn stress relievers while looking at interesting characters and other visuals. I had much fun helping out with this tool and I hope it shows through. Hopefully people will be less stressed out and there will be less stigma around these things, if you need help, go get it, it's normal to.


Taylor, 16

I chose my rainbow monster backpack because I feel it best describes my personality. It's unique, bright and a little crazy, which is how I see myself most of the time!

I am really hoping that this tool will be of help to those suffering from anxiety and other mental illnesses. As someone with an anxiety disorder, I know how difficult it is ti distract yourself from negative thoughts. Although it will not solve your anxiety completely, these coping strategies will give you some breathing room to realize the best ways to help yourself.


Kayla, 17

I chose my hair and favorite earrings to express myself because I like to use my hair to express myself and these earrings since the day I got them have been my good luck charm. I am constantly changing my hair color because I love to be different and am always willing to take risks.

I am hoping this tool helps other teens learn about ways to cope with anxiety, being someone who has struggled with depression, anxiety, an eating disorder and overall fitting in, I try to stand up for what I believe in and help others by accepting who I am and moving forward and overall not letting my past define me, as hard as it may be. I learnt that I should embrace who I am and help others than let these things control me. I hope this tool helps teens cope with whatever things they may face in life and move forward, this tool is important because there isn't many things that address this topic. Things do get better stay strong.