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Delisle Youth Services "Queer as Soup" - February 2012

Eight youth from the 'STARS' project, at Delisle Youth Services, came together over two weekends to collaborate with mindyourmind to create an online tool. The youth wanted to create something that would help others understand some of the words that we hear and/or use every day. In the hopes, that it break the barriers that constrict us from being ourselves. We also hope that it unites us to come together and fight various issues like stigma, discrimination, ignorance and hate. Check out the "Queer as Soup" tool.

Queer as Soup is an education tool that gives definitions, historical backgrounds, online resources, sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender identity and other related terms.

The name 'Queer as Soup' implies that people come in vast varieties just like soup.

"Seeing different people come together for this cause gave me a better sense of hope for humanity." – Amy Canfly

"I really enjoyed the collective decision making, it enhanced my teamwork skills." – Kamika

"It was a lot of fun getting to know people's ideas and opinions." – Cassy

"I think the experience was fun and I learnt a lot." – Allan

Check out what each participant has to say about the tool, and a bit about themselves. The group decided to use an item to represent them to keep their identity private and mindyourmindrespects that!

Savannah, 14

I got involved with this project because I knew from experience that any event that happens at the studio is awesome. Also, I would be getting community hours for school and money if i participated.

My hopes for this tool is that people find it useful.

I think the thing that stands out the most on the mural is the colours and the message that’s being said. It’s also comforting that nobody had written anything insulting about other people. My favourite picture is the pokemon transgender symbol  J

The meaning of my bio picture is that my hair is practically my icon. If you can’t find me in a crowd then you should be wearing glasses. a bright red afro? How can you NOT find me?!

A random fact about me is that I’m a huge anime fan. AKA: an Otaku :D 

Cassy MoldyLunchBox, 17

Hey, Hi, Hello –

I got involved in this project because there are so many people who are uneducated when using their words. I feel like what we are doing with this tool will help people comprehend the meaning behind what they are saying, and make them more conscious when they are speaking. I also think that what we are doing will make people who do understand feel better knowing that there is a tool such as this one.

I still draw with crayons, I hope you enjoy this.


Robyn, 18

I got involved because I thought a tool for LGBTQ youth was important.
My hopes for this project are to educate people on terms within the LGBTQ community. It’s important for people to feel included in the community.
The thing that stands out to me in the mural is the focus on inner beauty and self-love. I think it is a very important issue within youth.
I chose the bracelet because it’s incredibly important to me and represents a lot of things in my life.
I have an obsession with learning about serial killers.

Juliet Sassafras, 18

Knowledge is power.
I feel like there needs to be a resource that educates people about everything LGBTQ, but in a fun and educational manner.
What stands out to me is the notion of acceptance and loving yourself, because it’s such a struggle for people of all ages, especially youth.
The reason I chose my brown bag was because it’s very casual and comfortable, which are the two traits that are very important to me whether it’s about clothing, life in general, etc.
Although all I ever wear is dark colours, my hair is always ironically bright.

Kinchy, 15

I got involved have fun with this project, to chill at the studio, and to do something on the weekend besides sleep in till 1. My hopes for this tool is that it helps people understand terms, gain knowledge, to break stigma, and open minds, to make people more aware of the fact that gender and sexuality is as queer as soup. The thing that stands out to me about the mural is the sense of unity you get when you look at it, you can see that the people who participated in making it felt united and all shared the overall want of love, peace, acceptance, and positivity. The meaning of the picture I have chosen to depict me is the peace sign; its plain and bold I support it and it describes what I stand for and the person I am. The random thing about me is I’ve got a cat named Blue, he’s viscous and hates physical contact (petting, or holding) but I will never stop trying to win him over by drowning him in my love.

Amy CanFly, 16

The reason I got involved in the ‘Queer as Soup’ Project because im tired of people being discriminated for the people they date or the way they identify. In the future I hope to see more peace and acceptance in the world.

I hope the tool helps people realize the true meaning of the things they say everyday, and see how it can really hurt someone, and how its not a joke.

My favourite thing on the mural is the trans pokemonball it represents all genders living in peace together. I think its a good message to send to the public.

I picked my heart necklace to represent me because its gold which to me represents strength and the heart represents love.

A random thing about me is that I can fly J

Kamika, 18

Kamika is an eighteen years young student that loves vegetables samosas and watching cat videos on YouTube.  She got involved with creating an online tool with Mind Your Mind because she felt that there was a need for more education surrounding queer-issues.  She hopes that the tool will help people’s self-discovery. Her favourite thing about the collaborative mural is how positive it is. The photo that she used to represent herself is a piece that she collaborated on with others. She chose it because it is purple and purple is fierce like her. 

Allan, 16

I got involved with this project to express my support for the queer community of Toronto and by helping to create this website for, I feel that this interactive website with help educate others that are not familiar with queer terms and slang words that are derogatory.

My hopes for this tool are to help educate youth or adults with queer terms that are often used. They are often derogatory and I believe that by others using the tool, it will help acknowledge others about the queer community and this may mean a possible decrease in the use of homophobic language in that the users will be aware of the meaning behind the term.

The one picture on the mural that stands out in my eyes is the drawing of the two blue male figures holding hands in a pink heart. I believe that this symbolizes that love is subjective and that there are no differences between a straight couple and a queer couple.

The clown nose symbolizes my personality! I feel that I am very free spirited and that I act goofy and silly all the time!

A random thing about me is that I love “dubstep” music, green tea and to travel. New York City is my favourite place in the entire world and I go there every single year! I love everything about it!