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Elements Design Lab, Winter/Spring 2021

Elements Design Lab, Winter and Spring 2021


In a joint effort between mindyourmind and TakingITGlobal, and supported by the Canada Service Corps initiative, we hosted a modified version of our Design Labs over Zoom. These Design Labs looked similar to a focus group and had a goal to co-create a self-help type of booklet. In our virtual focus groups we had quick brainstorming sessions that focussed on three general areas: the book’s content, the main themes or messages for the book, and the visual design. The youth soon came to a consensus that they wanted nature to be the underlying theme and that the message would be one of looking within yourself and your community for strength and inspiration. That’s when Elements was born: a book to ground, energize, relax, and inspire. Each section of the book draws on a different natural element (earth, fire, water and air), and is filled with various introspective prompts, wellness activities, recipes, and more! 


During the pandemic, we have seen an increase in mental health challenges, especially amongst youth. Taking it Global and other members of the Canada Service Corps youth initiative wanted to provide a resource that youth were at the centre of and could feel empowered by. 


TakingITGlobal and mindyourmind staff along with fifteen fabulous youth from across Canada who were alumni to the Canadian Service Corps initiative. 


Through the winter, we met with youth online, and developed the resource based on their input and feedback. 


Virtually across Canada. Even though we met online, we would like to acknowledge that most of us currently live on unceded Indigenous lands. If you would like to learn more about the lands you live on, we highly recommend the interactive map and the other amazing resources from Native Land.

Youth Partners:

Aniqa, Bailey, Daniel, Élise, Ernithe, Fama, Hannah, Jenna, Jocelyn, Kambal, Maël, Raphaël, Sarah, Shania, and Simon.



This group created a self-help book called Elements. Each section of the book draws on a different natural element (earth, fire, water and air), inspiring you to think about the connections you may have to each, and empowering you to find strength within yourself and your community. 

Elements - English  Elements - French  Elements - Tlicho