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Frayme Design Incubator, Winter/Spring 2023

YMHTN Design Incubator, 2023

Co-authored by youth participant, Christine


mindyourmind and Frayme collaborated with ten youth across Canada with mental health experience and/or knowledge. A huge thank you to the members of our youth team: Aisouda, Brianna, Chloe, Christine, Jordan, Kayly, Katelyn, Murphy-Isaac, Paige, and Shane.

What, When, Where

From February to May, we had weekly Design Incubator sessions over Zoom. The purpose of the incubator was to co-design the prototype for a resource that would help youth transitioning into adult mental health services in Canada. The Design Incubator was guided by design thinking principles and involved a combination of team discussions and  brainstorming, small group work in breakout rooms, and website design/flow using wireframes. Our goal was to share the prototype we developed with stakeholders and funders to pitch it as a potential pilot project. 


As youth, we wanted to help those transitioning out of child and adolescent mental health care with navigating the adult system. As a team, we focused on creating a website prototype called the Youth Mental Health Transition Network (YMHTN). Its purpose is to act as a hub of information, for all Canadian youth, with links to relevant services and resources, and offers opportunities to connect with peers who have lived experience with this transition. As a whole, it aims to reduce barriers for youth and has the potential to influence powerful and meaningful systems change.

Check out the YMHTN prototype pitch package.

Youth Partners

The group chose three questions to answer as their bio:

1. Why did you get involved with this project?
2. What impact do you hope this project will have?
3. One random fact about me is… 


1. I participated in the Frayme and mindyourmind 2022 Ideathon, where this project was first pitched, and was thrilled to hear that they were developing a protocol based on this idea. I wanted to be involved with creating this protocol because the transition from youth to adult mental health services is an area where many gaps in care exist.

2. I hope this project will help transition-aged youth across Canada feel better prepared and supported in their transition to adult services. I also hope this project can help visualize the existing gaps in services and issues with service accessibility across the country.

3. I love watching food documentaries! 


1. I got involved with this project because I have personal and professional experience with mental health and a desire to support others who may be going through similar experiences that I went through. I believe that having adequate resources, such as peer support, is needed for individuals struggling with their mental health. Furthermore, I appreciated and enjoyed having the opportunity to build connections with other individuals who share my passion for creating positive change around mental health.

2. I hope that this project will have a positive impact on youth mental health by creating a resource that is user-friendly, inclusive, and engaging. Additionally, my hope is that this resource adequately informs youth of culturally relevant and holistic services, and helps them feel more confident about their transition from youth to adult services. 

3. I like playing guitar in my free time! 


1. - Because I want to help create innovative change within mental health, specifically peer support.
- This was the project me and another girl created last year at the Frayme event that got first place so I wanted to be a voice for the second part of this idea
- wanted to create something different from other services
- help create less barriers for youth

2. I hope this will help youth who are transitioning out of care, and hopefully creates more education for youth to help create change within the mental health sector.
- Provides more opportunities for other projects surrounding peer support services within Canada
- Builds more connecting within organizations in and around Canada

3. I cannot whistle 


1. To share my lived experience and be a part of changing the systems in place for youth accessing mental health services.

2. I hope that the project gets accepted and funded and I hope that it becomes even bigger with even more additional services related to it's original intent

3. I used to DJ and produce music when I was younger and love it's therapeutic effect on people.


1. I got involved with this project to continue contributing to change in youth transitions from pediatric to adult care, and to advocate for integration of Peer Support. My own transition from pediatric to adult care was difficult and unclear as a youth. Peer Support was one of the most helpful services I received on my journey. So helpful that I decided to become a Peer Support Worker myself! My hope is that this will make a difference to other young people and families that are going through similar lived experiences.

2. I hope that this project can act as a starting point to bring more attention to, and form a community around, youth transitioning from pediatric to adult care. I hope that this project can continue growing and adapting to the needs of youth and continue to expand its services. If this project makes a difference to even just 1 youth or their family, I think that is a fantastic impact!

3. I love cooking! I didn’t realize until recently that some people can’t imagine the taste of food or ingredients easily (especially when cooked in combinations)! I often say that “I can taste it in my mind!” Ask your friends if they have this skill. You might be surprised! We all experience life so differently, and I think that’s so cool!


1. I had these connections from my previous participation in a frayme conference. 

2. I hope we can help link people with services and help those getting older to have easier transition. Guidance. 

3. I have a yorkie and she’s my whole world. 


1. to collaborate with other youth leaders who understand, and are passionate about, the gaps in mental healthcare.

2. I hope that fewer youth will "fall through the cracks", and that those who do will be able to restart their care without fear of judgement. it is not the indivuals fault that the current system is not set up with a net to ensure all people stay connect with services when they need them, and wanting to be re-engaged in service is a huge first step that should be rewarded, not shamed and met with dozens of barriers.

3. I named my pothos plant: Mr. Goostra. 


1. I got involved with this project because I am passionate about peer services and navigation

2. I hope that this project will allow youth to re-imagine what could be possible for youth mental health services and see the possibilities

3. I played classical piano for five years :) 


1. I am passionate about mental health because i suffer from addictions, CPTSD, PTSD, and other physical ailments and through my extensive experiences in the healthcare system i am convinced of the utter ineptitude of our so called professionals in the pharmaceutical industrial complex

2. I want people to wake up and stop idolizing medical personnel as some sort of infallible omniscient force of ultimate good because they are not and exploitation and negligence happens at an alarming rate in our institutions and nothing is done about it so i hope this resource will give power to the voices of those of us that have been victimized by this heartless system

3. Its impossible to provide a fact that is random, as you have asked me to choose one in this question ;) but i like music and art and i rap