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International Youth Day Street Team - Summer 2012

Sunday August 12, 2012 was truly one of the most inspiring nights I've ever had. The event reminded me just how powerful today's youth can be with the right kind of motivation. It was an honour to be on the stage with BBoy Luca 'LazyLegz' Patuelli and inspire everyone in the audience to stay positive and never give up. No Excuses, No Limits.  Jim, 24


DJ L.D.J Shacool

Max and Ashlynn, our hosts for the evening!

Special Guest The Honourable Chris Bentley

Finalist Performance by U-Turn, Jess Toso, Sydney & Andrea, Katelyn Root, and Sydney & Carley

Special Performaces by Kasey, Jose, The Dynamic Dozen, and Ill At Will

Guest Judges:  Inali, Derek Leung, Brandon Eedy, Priya Mann, and Luca "Lazylegz" Patuelli

Volunteers:  Taylor, Jason, Ivy, Davis, Sejad, Oline, Rob, Jim, Trez, Erin Amanda, Ashlynn and Max

Sponsors:  Citi Plaza, CHRW 94.9 FM, Sisters of St. Joseph,106.9 The X, Downtown London, Scout Book, Domino’s Pizza, Mollaspace, The Odd Luminary, Jo Read School of Dance, Homage, Apliiq, Panago, Twittens, Hotel Metro, Alexcious, Grove, Totem Tamers, Handsome Clothing, Slimfold Wallet, NEBS, Hopeless Records, The Little Friends of Printmaking, Oiart, gSelect, Fu-Design Store, Holstee, Libro Financial Group, Miko Productions, Alexcious, Save the Sperels, Deuce, Melanie Kaye PR, Eastpark, Storebound, Ghostly, International, Kantina Cafe & Restaurant, The Keg Steakhouse & Bar, David Guthrie Framing, Booster Juice, MLHU, SFA Records, Rastaclat, New Era Grafix, Koyama Press, Gordon Adler, Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment, MuchMusic, Pura Vida Bracelets, Modify Watches

The Youth Team

Each person on this International Youth Day Team were asked three questions;
Why did you get involved with the IYD Street Team?
What was your favourite part about International Youth Day?
Something random about me is...

Now meet the team and see how they answered the questions...

Taylor, 16

To see all the different acts and talents that other youth have. I wanted to be behind the stage because I’ve never done that before. I’ve had the same breakfast for two years.

Oline, 22

Because I like being involved in the community. Seeing all the hard work from everyone pay off. My favourite TV show is Cold Case.

Davis, 18

I wanted to find another group of people to listen to my jokes. My surprise cameo on stage. I have spent 5000 hours watching TV shows in my life.



Sejad, 25

I wanted to gain volunteer experience. Working together with other youth. My favourite ice cream flavour is Green Tea.




Because I was involved last year and I had a BLAST! I liked running around the audience and giving prizes out to youth. I’m a good looking guy (and modest too!)



Ivy, 16

Because I like contributing my thoughts and working with everyone. Working as a team to put this great event together. I love One Direction.



Trez, 26

I was previously involved with mindyourmind through school and wanted to continue my participation with this organization. I thought this would be a very fun and yet important way to be involved. My favourite part about IYD was taking part in giving away all of the great prizes that were donated by different companies to those who helped to support such a great day of celebration for youth. Something random about me is that..... I have seen the Tragically Hip 11 times!!



Max, 20

I was the Youth Outreach Assistant at mym and wanted to help make IYD an event that people would remember for a long time. Presenting ideas and updates to the group that got them excited, in turn making me excited for the event even more! I hate tomatoes on my hamburger, but I love ketchup.