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LDCSB Design Lab, June 2019


mindyourmind in partnership with London District Catholic School Board (LDCSB) wanted to create a self care book to offer their students. LDCSB recognizes the important link between student mental health, well-being and student achievement. To create this book we would need the help and expertise of students who are in the LDCSB and experiencing student stress.The students we worked with came prepared with their ideas and were eager to create the best self care book for their peers and future students!


Sixteen students, at least one from every secondary school in the LDCSB district, participated over two days to create Standing Tall. The students were involved in every stage of the design process and pulled from their own high school experiences. They informed the name of the book, the self care theme and what important topics should be included.


Thank you to Sandra Savage (Mental Health Lead for LDCSB) for facilitating the entire project with the mindyourmind team! And a special thank you to Abby, Alec, Bella, Caitlin, Cina, Dante, Ella, Grace, Julia, MacKenna, Mariana, Ose, Sam, Selena, Taelyn and Zoe.

We look forward to launching Standing Tall to the students of LDCSB and hope that they find the book useful for their school year!

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
~ Mother Teresa


Standing Tall and the associated tree motif was chosen because of its symbolism. It was decided that well-being is rooted in a strong foundation of faith and community, a solid trunk of skills for living and a canopy of branches and leaves that are growing and changing.

Standing Tall is also a mandala book and bullet journal for students to personalize and colour the pages as a self care activity in itself. The book offers local mental health support, tips on how to ask for help and general tips on how to take care of yourself! Utilize the mood trackers, sleep trackers and monthly calendars throughout the school year. 

Standing Tall book 


We asked the youth team:

  1. Favourite Part: What's your favourite part about this project?
  2. Group Question: If you were a cartoon character, who would you be and why?

Favourite Part: I enjoyed picking the specific parts of the book because it made me feel productive and like I was really contributing. 

Group Question: I’d be funshine bear from the Care Bears because I’m very optimistic and love the colour yellow! 



Favourite Part: My favourite part of the project was finding design ideas for the book. Figuring out the title for the book was fun too.

Group Question: If I was a cartoon character I would be Arthur from the show Arthur. Arthur was my favourite show when I was little and he is very funny.


Favourite Part: Snacks, meeting everyone

Group Question: Jerry from Tom & Jerry because it reminds me of my brother fighting.


Favourite Part: Looking for icons and pictures/talking to people.

Group Question: Swiper from Dora.


Favourite Part: Working together and meeting new people.

Group Question: Patrick Star because I don’t like being serious.


Favourite Part: Getting to meet and spend time with like minded individuals who share my interests.

Group Question: I would be Buttercup from the Powerpuff Girls because even though she’s grumpy most of the time, she fights for what she believes in.


Favourite Part: Choosing designs, and little pictures.

Group Question: Candace from Phineas and Ferb because I having a long neck.


Favourite Part: Interacting with others.

Group Question: Spongebob, because he is like fun and just nice.


Favourite Part: Researching self care tips.

Group Question: Winnie the Pooh, because he enjoys the simple things in life.


Favourite Part: My favourite part was hearing everyone’s creative ideas.

Group Question: If I would be a cartoon character I would be Kim Possible because she is strong and expresses herself.

Cina R.

Favourite Part: My favourite part of the project is being able to contribute and talk to everyone.

Group Question: I think I’ll be Kirby because I love food, and I act quite childish. I also love pink and I’m short (lol). I also keep a positive atmosphere around me, and I can be brave when I need to be. I’m also kind of shy and don’t talk much.

Bella S.

Favourite Part: My favourite part hasn’t happened yet. I can’t wait to see the impact our book has made.

Group Question: I would be bubbles from the Powerpuff girls because of her personality, she’s sweet & laughs a lot but she’s also over emotional & can be very aggressive. Me & my sisters loved the Powerpuff girls & I would always be bubbles.


Favourite Part: Planning how the book will look and the group work, bonding with others.

Group Question: I’d be Spongebob because he loves everything he does, he makes everything a good time and is always trying to get out and make new friends.


Favourite Part: Meeting new people.

Group Question: Phineas from Phineas and Ferb because he is always going on adventures and having fun.


Favourite Part: Making the book, and meeting friends.

Group Question: Morty from Rick and Mo