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Libro Multi Media "Define Hope" Street Team - Winter 2011-12

Excerpt from the Official Media Release written by the youth team

Over a six month period, six youth participants, with the support of Libro Financial Group, met weekly to create a series of videos that challenge stereotypes and stigma associated with mental health issues. They also aimed to advance messages of inclusion, inspiring youth to think about how they can help themselves and others during tough times.

The Public Service Announcement "Define Hope", demonstrates how emotions, like feeling alone or stressed out, are difficult to verbally communicate, and that printed words can be powerful while not absolute. The call to action is to increase personal awareness and acceptance and that hope exists in getting help.

Another video in the series includse a promotional video, "All About mindyourmind", showcasing as a resource that youth can use to find help for themselves or a friend.

The dance film, "Ill At Will Breakdancers", highlights the importance of dance as an emotional outlet and personal expression. Also explores themes of personal identity, self-image and channelling emotions while being part of a group who provides support and respect.

The team also participated in mental health training, in order to gain a better understanding of stigma and what they wanted their message to be. As well as social marketing training to find out what the best way was to get the message that they wanted out there to the maximum amount of people. They also helped participate in focus groups revolving around tools and projects that mindyourmind has been working on, giving a unique perspective to things in development throughout mindyourmind. They also helped to detail their volunteer experience with mindyourmind through webcams which showcased the importance of young people volunteering in the community.

This team answered a few questions for their individual bios

  • 3 words to describe your experience in the Street Team
  • Pizza Topping that describes you
  • Favourite memory in the Street Team
  • Recollections of Max
Deana, 20

Fun. Amazing. Epic. Favorite memory of street team: filming the PSA Favorite pizza topping: bacon because it's always awesome just like me! Max and all of his talk about basketball.

Ashlynn, 18

Fun, hilarious, amazing Putting a lamp shade on my head... Pineapple because its interesting and fun Max... He's awkward. It's funny.

Inali, 21

eventful, creative, giggly Hanging out on the roof... Cheese... Because everyone wants more of me! Who's Max? Just kidding <3

Davis, 17

Awesome, epic, sweet! Filming on the roof! Pepper...cuz it's spicy and fun! Max likes basketball too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim, 24

Inspiring Relieved Exciting Cheese...because it ain’t easy being cheesy My favourite memory of my experience at mindyourmind was our first PSA shoot for the year, when we were approached by the mall security. Luckily Heather had our back and kept us on the set. Max ... it was an interesting experience dealing with Max every week, but he really made me appreciate holidays. And he has great hair, so it also made it easier to deal with him.

Rob, 25

Successful Fun Inspiring Bacon - because I’m full of awesomeness Best experience was video shoot. Definitely different to be a part of a PSA I dealt with Max by friendly teasing him. And trying to put him in awkward situations he didn't want to be in. AKA overvoice of PSA. He was a great guy though and had a fun sense of humor about it. More max needed!

Max, 19

“Who is Max? Max was the youth co-facilitator for the Street Team!” Being able to see the final product and share it with the final team when we put so much work into, it was awesome. I also enjoyed the times before each meeting when we would simply share how our days were and laugh before each meeting began. When each street team member told me that I was their hero!