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MLHU & mindyourmind Collaborate - Spring 2009

A partnership between mindyourmind, Middlesex London Health Unit (MLHU), and a group of 8 mindyourmind youth volunteers, aged 15 to 21, brought to life the creation of a sexual health promotion game that has taken the world by storm! The four Sex Squad Superheroes that set out to defeat the infected Sperminator in Sex City, with their knowledge of safe sex, have sparked the interest of newspapers, blogs, forums, gaming websites and social networking sites like Twitter, all over the world!

Jessica, 19, had this to say 

...a funny approach that appeals to young people our age. Young people want facts about sex. But not from the boring materials we learned from in high school. We wanted to come up with something daring, exciting, and different, to ensure that good information would actually reach students.

Participants were Stephanie, 21, Max, 17, Jessica, 19, Jordan, 21, Lyndsey, 15, Francesca, 19, Mitchell 15, and Darragh, 17.

The team also created a poster campaign. They wanted to stress the importance of getting tested.

Max, 17, states 

When it came to the posters, it was up to the youth group to come  together and help create what they would become. Using our own  artistic abilities and photos from the internet, we pieced together ideas that would help form the posters. Essentially creating mock forms of what we wanted the posters to look like and symbolize. One being the peeing in the cup to highlight how easy it is to get tested, the other  being freeway signs on an empty highway to show how the signs aren’t always obvious when it comes to STI’s like signs on the road.

Click here to download the "As Easy As" poster.

Check out the posters and play Adventures in Sex City on the Middlesex London Health Unit's micro

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