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Project FYI - February to September 2011

Project FYI is a project that asked young people how they access online help and how professionals can improve online content to better suit the needs of youth looking for mental health information.

What does FYI stand for?

For Your Information... and... Forward Youth Initiative!  

Who is involved?

Mental Health Commission of Canada (Big Bosses looking to influence change), mindyourmind (Project lead looking for answers), Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health (co-facilitate National Youth Advisory Board with mindyourmind), AND US - the YOUTH! 

Why are we doing this?

We wanted to improve online content to better suit your needs (the youth).

Who came up with the name?

A group of twelve youth! Our backgrounds are varied, we are: Canadian, Somalian, German, Turkish, Persian and American. We also had the help of another youth named Michael to create the logo for us.

Why is Research Important?

It is important to know what research means. Research involves information, data, knowledge, consultation, statistics, talking to people, surveys, and experiments.

It is important for youth to know how to locate credible information so they aren't misled!

How can Research Benefit Youth?

Research conducted without you doesn't take youth into perspective.

Researchers are not young people and a gap can exist.

Research findings need to feel relevant and the best way to ensure relevancy is to involve youth at every phase.

What questions were asked?

We asked the youth questions about attitudes, beliefs as well as the negativity linked with mental health issues. For an example, if someone has a mental health issue how would their peers treat them and what are others thoughts on mental illness? The more important question we asked these youth is what can be done so that mental health isn't seen as a bad thing as much?

Jaxon, 17
Amanda, 17
Rezan, 18
Aatayna, 16
Sheila, 17
Weiting, 17
Rosie, 15
Taylor, 15
Ben, 18
Asma, 17
Palwasha, 15