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Reach Out Youth Crew - April 2014

Reach Out is the interactive resource we use at mindyourmind in our community outreach. We frequently visit local community hubs and schools to talk to young people about mental health. Reach Out provides basic mental health information, and talks about general misconceptions in regards to how we perceive mental health.

Since we use this tool so often, it’s important to us that the content and the style of the game remain relevant. We know that things are always changing, and we need to reflect that. So we decided to revamp Reach Out. There will be two new versions, one designed for high school age youth and the other for post secondary age youth.

To create this tool, we brought in a whole new team of youth! This team was created with 10 volunteers, eight were brand new to mindyourmind. We were all very excited to work alongside some new faces! The team came in for a weekend-long design studio, where we took apart the old version on Reach Out piece by piece, figuring out what we liked and what we didn’t like. We looked at content and made new questions for the game, picked new categories and completely changed the look and feel of the entire tool! After the weekend, we met up a couple times in the following weeks to continue finalizing details.

This group did an amazing job in recreating this game. The new versions of Reach Out now have a fresh and unique look to them, and we can’t wait to show the final product to everyone!

Each person on the team was asked for a random fact and to answer what wellness meant to them...  See their full bios here:

Scarlett, 20

Random fact about you: Each of my names are 8 letters long.
What is wellness to you? To me, wellness means that I am accomplishing every day demands but not at the expense of my smile turning into a fake one. When my smile is genuine, not only is MY wellness better, but it also means that I am better able to help OTHERS feel well.

Tori, 16

Random fact about you: I listen to kpop! (Korean pop music)
What is wellness to you? Wellness is being in a happy, healthy, and comfortable state of mind. I think it varies from person to person, so what is good for one may not be good for another. Wellness is important to living a happy and prosperous life.

Bailey, 17

Random fact: I know sign language.
What is wellness to you? Wellness is being happy with yourself, body, mental health, and who you are as a person. Finding a way to keep yourself happy and healthy.

Sean, 15

Random fact about you: I can program.
What is wellness to you? Wellness is feeling good about who you are, knowing who you are, accepting who you are.

Terrel, 17

Random fact: I Break Dance
What is wellness to you? Wellness is the emotional, and physical state that you are in. Wellness is being positive, and always thinking things will get better, no matter how rough things are.

Levi, 19

Random fact: Huge fan of video games
What is wellness to you? Waking up without worries, staying positive even when things look bad.

Jason, 17

Random Fact: Huge Blue Jays and NY Rangers fan
What is Wellness to you? Being in a good and positive atmosphere and not having to worry about anything about your life or your future.

Keara, 21

Random fact: I'm learning to play the ukulele!
What is wellness to you? Having the skills to turn a negative situation into a positive one. Happiness is not the destination, it's the way of travel.

Oline, 23

Fact: I can count in German!
What is wellness to you? Having the ability to embrace the unknown and adapt to changes.

Taylor, 18

Fact: favorite band is the Ramones
What is wellness to you? Wellness is being able to make the best of every situation.