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Usability & Promotions Street Team - Winter 2012-13

Over a 6 month time frame, this group of youth made up the Usability and Marketing Street Team.  Formed with a very specific and unique purpose, this team took a good, hard look at the usability, accessibility and overall organization of mindyourmind’s website to ensure that the right information is given to the right people whenever they need it. Alongside the site’s renovations, this team looked at a new app called Mind Your Mood as well as from a marketing and advertising perspective.

mindyourmind is looking towards launching the redesign of their website near the end of 2013. As a team, the goal towards the website was to test its usability and to make the necessary changes to ensure its efficiency and convenience. Starting by sorting the previously existing sections into categories they saw fit, they broke down the website bit by bit - renaming, eliminating and adding titles to different sections. They tested each and every game featured on the site and categorized them. There was a lot of talk surrounding mental wellness and mental illness, including everything from the content provided on the site, the names of each page, and how the information could be presented in a more efficient way.

The second part of this team included a marketing aspect alongside usability. Firstly, they looked at a new app called Mind Your Mood. This app allows you to track your moods with a facial expression and a small description of what you feel and what you did that resulted in that feeling. The team played around with the app, looked at what the next steps were towards making it better and the marketing aspect of it. CTV joined the team for a meeting one afternoon and covered the general idea for the app – Who is it for, how they use it and how it can play a role in maintaining overall mental wellness. Secondly, the team looked at The main focus was marketing - How do we get this tool to the right people? The team looked at various ads on mental health and picked apart aspects they liked and ones they didn’t. They came up with different ad mock ups reflecting the tool kit, which in the end included posters, business cards and post card.

The team decided to do collages to visually represent their experience with mindyourmind over the past 6 months and what it meant to them.

Davis, 18

My page began with a simple line, 'get ready( for the ) shock'. And then u'll recognize there are a couple of professional people in business wear. Which is us, the street team has grown and came so far in the past year. There are a few words on the page has summoned up my whole experience, unforgettable, inspired, stylish and most importantly of all, be BOLD, be yourself.

Scarlett, 19

Being part of mindyourmind brought a sense of rejuvenation and brightness into my life and I wanted to make sure my collage reflected that! I incorporated nature because mindyourmind is an environment that broadened my horizons and allowed me to blossom in opportunities and especially as a self. Ultimately, as expressed through the rock climbing image, this was an unforgettable part of my journey that will always hold a special place in my 'heart'. : )

Nick, 17

My time here as a street team participant has been a great feeling and experience. My collage is simple but in my mind affective. It starts off with MYM, vision and ends off with explore. I find this to be effective because when I spent my time here at mind your mind, that's what happened to me. I explored things and I envisioned things and I felt happy. Thank you to all the people here at MYM. You are truly my second family. Love you all :-)

Tay, 17

What sets mindyourmind apart from other mental health organizations is their youth involvement. mindyourmind not only successfully incorporates their youth volunteers into so many aspects of what they do, but they do it in a way that makes you feel important. I've never felt like my opinion was not heard during a meeting and I've always felt valued as a volunteer. I feel very connected to mindyourmind and I feel like this street team made a big difference to the website and YHP. I feel so honoured to have been a part of this street team. Thanks so much for this lovely opportunity to get involved with our community!

Ivy, 17

Every Wednesday was something to look forward to. mindyourmind is so unlike other organizations because they work with youth so much. It's great to see how positively our comments and ideas are received and how mindyourmind always incorporates them into their projects. I believe we were able to make great improvements and help towards making the website the best it can be. I'm so pleased to have been a part of this street team and look forward to more great things to come! mindyourmind rocks!!

Micah, 21

My time on the mindyourmind street team is completely summed up in my zine. There were instances when I felt strong and powerful voicing my opinions and also times when I felt as though I didn't know anything, which open up my mind to learn from my fellow crewmembers. There were lots of laughs, and a few grumbles, but all in all it was a very creative experience that I will never forget! One thing I still laugh at to this day, which I presented on my zine with the image of the 80s roller-skates, was when the mindyourmind street team was interviewed for CTV London. 

Rush, 23

I really enjoy science so I made sure my zine demonstrated that. I approach things very scientifically, and that was the mindset I used while taking part in the mindyourmind street team. I put "Love your crazy" because everyone feels different sometimes and it's not anything to be ashamed about. I feel it's very important to value and take care of your mental health. The street team provided me with an experience I wouldn't of had otherwise