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Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre "Stress Me Less" Team July 2011

Excerpt from the Oxford Youth Expression Media Release

A team of six youth led this initiative and developed a website for youth by youth. The youth decided the name of the website would be Oxford Youth Expression (OYE). OYE is an interactive website designed for all youth. OYE was created to support, help and assist youth with daily issues that they face. The five main website sections include: education employment, everyday relationships, health wellness, recreation transportation and risky business.

The website is hosted by Woodstock and Area Community Health Centre in partnership with Addiction Services of Thames Valley, Community Employment Services, Fusion Youth Activity Technology Centre and mindyourmind.

Stress was voted the number one issue in the 2007 Youth Matters report. As youth we recognize that the causes of stress are difficult to identify. OYE partnered with mindyourmind to create and develop an interactive tool for the website. Stress Me Less was created in hopes of assisting youth to manage and cope with their stress.

“I hope this tool not only helps youth in our county,” Team Leader Samantha said, “But also have fun at the same time.”

2012 UPDATE:

We've made another app! Check out Boost Me. This app has positive message along with a stress-less tool!



One thing about Samantha:
Samantha loves to travel around the world and as souvenirs she collects homemade soap from each destination.

Why come to the site:
Not only can people use different items to bash their stress with, at the end of the game people will receive other methods to cope with their stress.


One thing about Alex:
Alex has been volunteering at the Joseph Schneider Haus in Kitchener Ontario for eight years.

Why use the tool?
The tool is going to be a great way for people to wind down and distract themselves from life’s stresses. Plus it’s got a dog! Who doesn’t love dogs?


One thing about Greg:
Greg enjoys long walks on the beach volleyball court.

Why people should use this tool:
STRESS-ME-LESS is a useful tool to help people pinpoint the cause of their stress and then deal with it in a healthy, safe way.  STRESS-ME-LESS allows the user to deal with their stress and move on with their lives, with LESS STRESS.


One thing about Maggie:
She is addicted to the Food Network

Why someone should try this tool:
To see all of the ways the team thought of to obliterate your stress


One thing about Lauren: She watches A LOT of TV in her spare time. Why should someone try this tool: It’s a great way to visually see your stress get destroyed. And it doesn’t just have to be one stress, one time. It is something you can always come back to and do again and again. Plus it’s specific to you, not just a generic or set tool. It’s totally up to you what you do with it.


One thing about Tyler:
Tyler enjoys playing and watching a lot of hockey.

Why should someone use this tool:
Stress-Me-Less is a great interactive tool that allows youth to identify their stress and beat the hell out of it in a virtual, legal manner. This tool is fun and appropriate to many youth’s lives in Oxford County. It will help relieve stress and be time well wasted.