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Youth Canada Service Corps Initiative

Young Canadians building a better Canada.

The Canada Service Corps (CSC), funded by the Government of Canada, provides youth the opportunity to be engaged and involved in their communities in a variety of ways. Twelve national organizations across the country are offering innovative and inspiring projects for youth and young adults. The #RisingYouth grant is available for any youth who is interested in improving their community and provides supports to develop and execute these ideas.  

mindyourmind is traveling to five different communities across the country! Youth in each community volunteer to spend the weekend participating in our Design Lab, where we co-create mental health resources for their community. It has been exciting to be a part of unique communities and respect that mental health programs are not “one size fits all”. Youth who volunteer to be a part of these projects are provided valuable skills and transferable experience to use in their day to day life, at school, and at work.


Design Lab #1: Squamish, BC

mindyourmind’s first partnership was with Sea to Sky Community Services and a group of ten youth, in Squamish, BC.  Our Design Studio weekend was followed up by 12 webinars and the launching of a new interactive e-module AND a game that both educate young people about mental health issues. The game has special meaning to the Squamish community as it features the Chief, which is a landmark mountain in the town. One of the most exciting features is that both the e-module and the game are in French AND Punjabi (which happens to be one of the top languages spoken in Squamish). The group decided that for the launch of their products, they would host an event at their school to promote their resource!

Learn more about the Squamish youth team and see what they developed.

Design Lab #2: Halifax, NS

mindyourmind partnered with Heartwood Centre for Youth Community Development, Laing House and ten youth from Halifax.  We spent a fun and productive weekend in Design Studio mode, where a focus was on: self care, mental health 101, and gratitude and community.  After our weekend in Halifax, we finalized a mental health workbook and three videos! We hosted a series of webinars with the youth team to put the finishing touches on the resources, and the Logistics Crew is planning on hosting evening event to showcase their products!

Learn more about the Halifax youth team and see what they developed.

Design Lab #3: Windsor, ON

mindyourmind’s next adventure is bringing us to Windsor, Ontario, and we cannot wait to see what gets co-created next!  We are excited to work with a diverse group of youth and young adults who are wanting to be a part of meaningful change and make an impact in their community.

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