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Youth4Health & mindyourmind Collaborate - October 2010

The team created online mental health resources including ‘The Navigators’ trivia game and ‘What?’, an interactive art piece, sharing positive mental health messages in seven languages. The team hopes that these resources will help address the stigma that newcomers to Canada may face when trying to connect to mental health resources and services.

"My experience becoming a youth health navigator was very laid back, yet whole in knowledge type of experience. My first step is to help those I know when giving advice, and from there, to become more equipped to help strangers as well." 
          – Rezan, 17

“I've never learned so much about mental illness, and health resources, as much as I've had while working for this project; As a Youth Health Navigator I can help newcomers who are struggling to find a suitable resource. It’s a rewarding experience.” 
          – Christel, 17

The Mural

The first night the team building excersie was to create a mural together. Alicia, youth participant, put together a presentation of photos and everyone's thoughts of what the mural means to them.

The mural as a whole represents our youth navigators’ community. Each pair of hands represents something important to our navigators as well as what we wanted to learn at the beginning of the process. The red represents blood that runs through all humans and is one thing we will have in common regardless of where we live, what cultures we belong to, and what our morals are.  Each of the continents represents the fact that we are all from different places.  The symbol in the middle  represents unity, understanding and support in our world.

The first night the team building excersie was to create a mural together. Alicia, youth participant, put together a presentation of photos and everyone's thoughts of what the mural means to them. 

Meet the team and enjoy the photos!  - Michelle, mym creative staff


My hands present my strengths and who i believe I am. I am an artist, a poet, an athlete, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, and an ambitious young woman. I am a believer in God, and my religion defines my behaviour as a moral, kind person. I am a Kurdish Canadian, and I am a minority but that only makes me stronger and more unique.

I felt like I was really was finding myself. All these things I do and Believe in, side by side, made me realize my importance in society, my community and my family. It was a very emotional process.


They represent unity, my interests in math, science and music, and my favourite colour. The words “knowledge” and “learning” represent what I wanted to learn from this group.

I felt like i could express myself freely.


Myself, everything I want I will get with my own hands.

I feel like a child again


Support, friendship, and peace around the world. Each finger  represents a different culture and race around the world.

I felt the exercise evoke feelings within me. I could express my perception about the world.


It’s open to interpretation to mean whatever you need them to mean.  I let my mind go free and draw what it felt like.

I felt calm when I got to focus on painting my hands, and it was pretty fun splattering all that glue glitter!



Work, Future, helping, handing working and achieving the impossible

I feel free and comfortable


My hands represent the relationship to those around me and how I connect with the world.

it was great working on the mural. As a group we all show our own individuals personalities and that is just amazing. I really hope that people see this mural and realized how n awesome personal I am not perfect because nobody is . Also when someone feels sad they can look at this mural and know that they are special on their own individuals ways and that there’s people out there who care for them not matter what it is they’re going through MYM  is here to help so as many organization.


My hands are an infinite line, which are able to break and jump limits. They are full of colours into a mix; that’s the way I see, full of possibilities and extraordinary things that in some way always can go together.

This exercise gives me confidence and realized me a lot. It was a good way to break the ice. Doing the mural I could find the way to indentify myself with my partners. I feel happy to have this product and at the end.... This is OUR product.


It represents connection, motivation, and helping others.

It made me feel like I really want to help people who need it.


My hands represent myself. My left hand represents my labels, as many people you are either labelled as something or not labelled, they are no shades to it. My right hand is in colour to represent my culture and how beautiful and colourful it is. They are on top of the sands of time because it represents current me which is supported by everything I have been.  They are disconnected because of the internal battle I feel between my culture and what I enjoy doing.

I felt like I finally understood myself .  And freedom.


My hands represent where I belong, it represents who I am in my community.

During the process of making my hands in the mural, I felt that I was expressing who I am for this project. It felt like I can do something, to contribute to this project somehow, and will be able to use the skills I’ve learned and bring them to other newcomers.


My hand is an extension of my body and inherently represents a component of my personality. Work, pleasure and education is expressed through my hand as the drawing on the mural captures this fact.

At first, there was humility as I realized that I am one of many people contributing to this project, but that soon changed to pride as I took the task seriously and put effort into my product.


My hands means my strength, personality, and how much I got for people around me. The African map with a Canadian leaf is just a way to say thank you Canada and Africa for making me who I am today!

It made me feel happy, like I was expressing myself.