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4 steps to take when dealing with a toxic person

4 steps to take when dealing with a toxic person

Unfortunately in our lives it is very common to encounter people who are considered to be ‘toxic.’ Usually the outcome results in an unhealthy relationship between you and the person. To specify, someone who is considered toxic, is one who is unsupportive with what you do, generally drains you emotionally, and overall is difficult.

Often times, it is hard to end the friendship with a toxic person, due to them being a friend you may have known for the longest time. You will likely have guilt over ending that relationship, feel as though if you end this friendship you will be alone (of course, this is not true, many people go through this including me). This also applies to relationships with a partner and family members. Sometimes, it’s hard to realise someone who is close to you, is someone who is affecting your life negatively.

Hopefully through this advice I give to you, you will be able to deal with it in a way where you can start living life positively.

My advice

  1. When dealing with a toxic person what is best is to focus on the positive. Don’t allow them to suck you into their negative way of seeing the world. You don’t want them to dull your sparkle.
  2. Talk to someone that isn’t involved in the relationship.  It never hurts to ask someone else what to do in terms with dealing with a toxic person. Self care is important, so, if the toxic person is affecting you in a way where it is seriously bringing you down, it is good to talk to someone about it. 
  3. In addition, you may also confront the person about their behaviour and tell them how you’re feeling (of course in a way that is appropriate). If you are going to do this, remember to listen to what they have to say. Of course, if you don’t feel comfortable or safe in the situation to do so, do not do it. Your safety is what comes first especially in these situations. 
  4. Finally, one last piece of advice is to walk away. For obvious reasons, walking away can be at times the hardest step to do so just keep in mind, there are people there for you that are always willing to help you out and that you are not alone.

My name is Florencia S., I am currently a student in Western University studying Social Science. I wrote this in the hope that readers may be able to get the help they need in terms of dealing with a toxic person. Thank you for reading.