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Art and Having Fun: natt0oo

Art and Having Fun: natt0oo

When I was in high school, I took a visual art class for my grades, and it felt like every single piece needed to have a meaning behind it. I felt that it was great to have an outlet to show what I’m feeling with my art, but sometimes I felt really pressured to make every piece feel “deep”. To be honest, I just enjoy drawing for the sake of aesthetics and what I feel like. Indeed, the pieces for fun felt less complete, but being able to draw without perfection is liberating and calming. For the same reason, I have yet to find my niche of artwork. 

I make all types of art, from sculptures, drawings, paintings to animation. I am currently still in my experimentation stage, different art mediums have let me be able to run wild and stay curious. For me, making art transforms my messy thoughts in a picture, something that is not spoken, but felt. 

For example, the artwork shown above is about me just feeling blank and having a “meh” feeling. I’m not sure how to say it but the doodles are thin and sparse which represent my flowy and overwhelming thoughts. 

I hope you too can feel that you can run free and express yourself in your creations, or just draw without any goal, and enjoy the process. 

To see more of my artwork, you can visit my Instagram, natt0o.