Art As Healing

"They say I am of fancies woven and dream too many dreams,
The world prefers the doers, or so often it seems.
For doers make the world go round and that of course is true,
But oh for songs and fantasies the world needs dreamers too!”
                                                                   - Leah’s Song

I have always used art as a tool for catharsis. As an avid writer, when words fail to suffice, I turn to drawing for release. My art work provides a venue for me to purge emotions on either side of the spectrum. I use creative outlets as a way to stay grounded. With my artwork I have always used ink as a medium, with no ability to erase what unfolds before me. This is because I encourage creative flow and not becoming overly concerned with trying to guide creation but letting the ability to create guide you. When I first began to experiment with drawing, I realized it was an incredible way to unleash my unconscious and gage what was on my mind. Art, along with drama, dance, music, and photography, have always given me a way to view the world, and myself, from different perspectives. It has also been fundamental in solidifying for me the power of the arts as a source of healing. I encourage everybody to recognize their own ability to create and heal.”

A graduate from Brock University with her Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Drama in Education, Leah Marlene Wilby continues to be an advocate for the healing arts. Currently pursuing a career as a Healing Arts Therapist, she encourages and promotes using theatre as a tool for social change. Using the arts, drama, and movement, Leah has been actively engaged in healing arts workshops that deal with issues ranging from women combating breast cancer to high risk children in need of establishing a sense of community.