“Let our humanity guide us!”: Remembering Rob Stewart, a champion of the ocean

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Exactly a month ago (March 13), the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television announced that its annual award for Science or Nature Documentary Program will be named the Rob Stewart Award.

This was one in an endless list of recognitions of the inspiring work of Rob Stewart. The UWO-educated photographer, filmmaker and conservationist died in January.

“It’s only people don’t understand the significance of what’s going on. We need to bridge that gap with education, we can do a great deal of good” said Stewart in an audio interview with mindyourmind.

Riley, a mindyourmind outh volunteer who interviewed  Stewart in 2015 professed the impact Stewart had on his lifepath. "After seeing Sharkwater I knew that one day I would become a marine biologist, and it has been my dream ever since."

The challenge of youth or the environmental movement is to imagine a world that’s beautiful enough to fight for. What would the world look like if we designed it to work for us and all species?