Behind the Podcast!

Chelsey is working for mindyourmind as a Communications Associate. She studies Speech Communication and Business at the University of Waterloo and is a passionate mental health advocate, focused on making resources known and available to everyone. Outside of work she loves reading, watching Netflix, and exploring new places.

Wow, it's hard to believe that we have already released 5 episodes to the public! I have been working on this project since the middle of May and in this blog, I am going to explain the process that I have developed to create one episode.

The first thing I did was spend time extensively researching anything and everything there is to know about podcasts and how to create them, which resulted in an 8 page document (!). This document was overwhelming and full of technical terms, so I took a break from this project to work on other tasks and to allow myself some time to wrap my head around the scope of this project.

After this time off of podcasting I started doing some research- listening to all different types of podcasts and noting what the host did and didn’t do.  I then went to work on listening to all of mindyourmind’spast interviews with musicians (there were 90!). From there I took detailed notes on what the episodes covered and when questions were asked and answered. Here’s where the episode concepts began to take shape, as I noted similarities and started to think of ways to connect things together to form shows. I had to take another break to wrap my head around the scope of the project again and to meet with my amazing co-workersto get some guidance on how many episodes we wanted to release, and other technical things (music, editing options, figuring out equipment/software needs etc.).

From there the podcast really started to take form. I came up with the episode topics and compiled a list for each episode of musicians who were asked each question. Then in collaboration with my supervisor, I wrote the script for the introduction and conclusion to the podcast, downloaded the necessary editing programs like Audacity, and YouTube downloader. After these downloads and some learning, the magic took place!

So far, we have released the following episodes:

  • Who are we? Which discusses who mindyourmind is and what we will be covering in this season. This is “episode zero” and is a common way for podcasters to explain what they're trying to do with their program and hook in listeners.
  • Lights, which features mindyourmind volunteer Christel’s interview with the alt-pop sensation.
  • Stress and Staying Grounded, which features many amazing artist, tips and tricks on dealing with stress and how they stay grounded while they are on tour.
  • Our Lady Peace, which features Diana, who interviews with the Canadian alt-rock band.
  • Greatest Advice & Words they live by, which features the best piece of advice that these artist have received and what words/quotes help them through the rough days.

Stay tuned, and subscribe to our SoundCloud account as we release new amazing episodes! And if you don’t have a SoundCloud account you can subscribe and follow us on YouTube.