ICYMI: Rapper Logic Takes Step to Break Stigma

Chelsey is working for mindyourmind as a Communications Associate. She studies Speech Communication and Business at the University of Waterloo and is a passionate mental health advocate, focused on making resources known and available to everyone. Outside of work she loves reading, watching Netflix, and exploring new places.

In August, Logic, a rapper who writes about topics which surround mental health, released a song titled “1-800-273-8255”, which is the American Suicide Prevention line. The music video, which has over 66 MILLION views, tells the story of a young teenager struggling with questions about his sexuality, bullying and the deterioration of his mental health.  He ultimately gets help, and calls the suicide prevention line when he needs to.  

During the 2017 MTV VMA’s (Video Music Awards), Logic featured Alessia Cara and Kahlid, in the live performance of this song. This performance was the most talked about, for all the right reasons in media news and social media after the award show. After the VMA’s, there was an emphasis on suicide awareness and a spike in the calls to this hotline. To see this performance and the media's praise surrounding it as a young person, who studies communication, and is a passionate mental health advocate there are no words to describe the joy that this brings me. It breaks down boundaries to see a rapper take on a topic which is commonly stigmatized in the genre. In addition to releasing tracks that are so personal to him in hopes of helping people who are struggling, he had the courage to get up on stage and use the VMA’s as a platform to get the world to focus on suicide awareness and prevention. If you haven’t heard the song or seen the music video take a few minutes to watch it!

The song features the American suicide prevention line, and you may be thinking “but I am not from America, what about resources for me?”. Well, great news! Canada is currently in the process of creating a national suicide prevention line. This line will be available to all individuals in crisis, regardless of age and location, will have access to free and confidential support 24/7! This service will use text, online chat and phone technology, which integrates and links the countries existing regional distress and crisis line services. The Canadian suicide prevention line is expected to launch later this year!

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