Kendall Jenner talks about Anxiety

My name is Dina, I’m a 20-year-old Psychology and Sociology major at Western university. I enjoy being active in the community by volunteering, and in my spare time, I enjoy reading books and enjoying strolls around the city. My ultimate career path is to one day be actively working in the mental health field and to focus on panic and anxiety disorders. Throughout my series I will be discussing how happiness and optimism and one's overall mindset and lifestyle, can help you develop the coping skills necessary to overcome panic and anxiety-related issues. Promoting good and healthy coping mechanisms can aid in enhancing one's overall quality of life. To make the commitment to make a change and to recognize that a change needs to be made is already a big step in and of itself.

Anxiety is something that many members of our society struggle with on a day-to-day basis. It often becomes this inescapable reality that is their life. Members of society often tend to suffer in silence due to the stigma surrounding anxiety and other mental health problems. This can prove to be problematic due to the fact that when left untreated, anxiety can have a serious impact on one's overall health and emotional well-being.

Many individuals in society look to the media for inspiration as celebrities are often idolized for their work. The media is known to have a massive impact on the ways in which society perceives and dictates social norms. Hollywood paints a seemingly flawless picture, and members of society look up to and try to achieve, and embody these unrealistic standards of perfection.

Celebrities are slowly but surely gathering up the courage to speak publically and openly about their personal mental health issues. Kendall Jenner who is a famous model with a large following on multiple social media platforms recently spoke up about her struggles with anxiety. Kendall discusses how issues of security surrounding her fame amplified her anxiety and enticed multiple panic attacks on planes and in other public areas. Kendall goes on to discussing how though she is still suffering and struggling with anxiety she is learning to work through it through multiple coping mechanisms. “[I] learned that it’s all mental, so I try to prevent anxiety attacks by bringing my mind somewhere else,” she explained. Kendall's willingness to be so vulnerable and open with the public is very beneficial and works towards reducing the stigma surrounding anxiety and other mental health issues. It reassures and encourages other individuals who look up to her to go out and take anxiety by the horns and take control of their life by seeking help, whether that be therapy or simply talking it out with a close family member or friend.

A key takeaway from this post is to remember that happiness starts and ends in your mind and you and only you have control over what has control over you. No one is perfect and everyone struggles but its up to you to choose to take control of your life.

For more information on Kendall Jenner’s struggles with anxiety, click on the link Huffington Post link.