New Beginnings

Jennifer is working for mindyourmind as a Research Associate, she is here on a student placement from Western University in London, ON. As a future librarian she is passionate about connecting people to information and developing resources that help in times of need. Outside of work she loves reading, rugby, and watching terrible movies with her friends.

Hello everyone, my name is Jennifer and I am going to be working here at mindyourmind for the next few months as a Research Associate. I am here on a co-op placement from my program, Library and Information Science at Western, and I am very excited to start putting the skills that I have learned in the classroom into action. I am going to be doing research support for the team and helping on various projects that are in works here.

Getting to this point has not exactly been an obvious road for me, when I was finishing high school I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career and there was a lot of pressure from my school to just go to university and continue my studies there. I have loved to read from an early age so I figured doing an English Literature degree would be up my alley and hopefully that would lead into a career path that would work for me. I also picked up a minor in Psychology because it was a subject that interested me and I wanted to understand what it is that drives us and how we all work. Around the end of my third year in university I realised this laissez-faire attitude was not working, I still had no idea what I was going to be doing at the end of my degree and the end was fast approaching. I ended up taking a gap year mid-way through my degree to work, get away from academics and figure out what it is that drives me. I probably should have taken that year before I began my studies but hey better late than never. During that year I realised that I love people and care about helping people, I started looking at the field of librarianship because I realised how important those services can be for people who rely on them. Students need the support of academic libraries to finish their degree; individuals in the community can be reliant on the programming and resources available from their public library and librarianship can be hugely beneficial to organizations and businesses who want to access information to help them build their own programs or even do their own research. With this in mind I went back to school, finished my undergraduate degree and set my sights on getting a Masters in Library Sciences.

It has not been easy path and when the road ahead was unclear I certainly let myself stress over everything far more than was necessary; having said that, looking back I wouldn’t change any of it. All the stress and fear motivated me to work hard and figure myself out; along the way I met some amazing people and made some great memories. I am looking forward to working here over the next few months as it is hopefully going to allow me to combine my love of people and my research and information skills that I have been gaining in school for the past year. Everyone on the team has been very welcoming and I am looking forward to getting involved with everything that is going on here, it’s going to be an exciting time. I will speak to you all again soon.