New youth mental health funding, TL;DR version

As mindyourmind's Program Manager, Melissa cares deeply about helping those struggling with their mental health. Her weekly blog, 'Radical Transparency', helps break down barriers by sharing the inner working of the program and fielding qustions from users. She is also a passionate gamer who envisions games as a way to create a better world.

Today the Ministry of Health announced new mental health and addictions funding, including more services for youth! Here's our TL;DR version:

The goal: Transform the system so everyone can access services that are:

  • equitable
  • high-performing
  • recovery-oriented 
  • consistent

They're doing this by: 

  • investing $140 million over three years (and then $50 million annually)
  • expanding currently funded psychotherapy programs (using evidence-based therapies, like CBT)
  • creating a standardized Ontario-wide psychotherapy program 
  • expansion of hubs where young people (12-25) can receive walk-in access to mental health, addictions, social and employement services
  • up to 1,150 additional supportive housing units for people living with mental illness and addictions, especially those who are homeless or at risk

“Today’s investment is a significant step toward improving access to mental health care.”
- Dr. Catherine Zahn, President and CEO, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

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