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Feel Good Friday: Sleepy Puppy

This week’s Feel Good Friday features a sleepy puppy who knows when it’s time to eat!

It’s Time for PRIDE

It’s time for PRIDE! This week is London’s turn to celebrate pride in a series of Ontario pride parades which can be found here: https://www.ontariotravel.net/en/play/lgbt/pride.

A New Perspective for Perfectionist

Recently I went to a music festival which was lined up with many amazing artist, and about half way through there was a technical difficulty. In this moment I grew more than one would anticipate when planning a fun night out with friends heading to a concert series!

The Mindfulness of Pure Experience

Dropping any story or narrative in your head about what’s happening right now … what are the sensations you’re feeling at this moment?

Feel Good Friday: Ridiculously Adorable

This week’s Feel Good Friday features the ridiculously adorable Claire and her dad performing on Ellen.

Remembering Stevie Ryan

For the past 48 hours I have been struggling with how to write this blog. It has been so hard because it is tragic and heavy topic, I wish that people knew they were loved.

Have you submitted something and don't see your submission?

Have you recently submitted something and don't see it posted? Read on to see why that might be.

Feel Good Friday: Goat Yoga

This week on Feel Good Friday we have a news story featuring goat yoga!

The Clean-as-You-Go Principle

I’m not obsessive about neatness, but I’ve learned ways of keeping my house neat and clean in a simple, stress-free way.I call it the “Clean-as-You-Go Principle.”

Feel Good Friday: O Canada

This week on Feel Good Friday a unique rendition of our national anthem.

Me, Myself, and the Mountains

Ridin’ SoloI’ve always considered myself an independent person.

Job Posting - mindyourmind Program Manager

The Program Manager will possess strong communications and presentation skills and represent the organization throughout the youth mental health and addictions community.

Feel Good Friday: Exam Season

This week on Feel Good Friday we have very funny exam responses from some very inventive students.

Whats Up Wear Your Label?

mindyourmind interviewed Kaylee and Kyle, cofounders of wear your label (WYL), a mental health stigma busting fashion company from Fredericton, New Brunswick back in 2015.

The Struggle of Mental Health TED Talks

Today, it is commonly known that 1 in 5 Canadians will struggle with a mental illness in their lives. However, this fact hasn’t always been known.