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12 Innovative Ways to Reach Young People and a Few Reflections Too

They say the only constant in life is change; every day something in our lives change, whether we pay any attention to it or not, things still change. We may not want them to, or maybe we really want them to, but regardless, things still change.

Feel Good Friday: Voting for Love

There was some great news in Australia this week as a majority of its citizens voted in favour of same-sex marriage and marriage equality.

Fire & Rain

All great changes are preceded by chaos. -Deepak Chopra

My Mood in the Winter

I have been struggling with my “healthy practices” lately.  There’s always an excuse to eat treats, be lazy, avoid that walk outdoors or lift those weights.  So lately, I’ve been catching myself feeling overwhelmed, powerless, frustrated and worried.

Feel Good Friday: Dance!

When you are feeling the beat to a song it can be hard to resist the urge to dance! This week we feature a girl who broke out in dance during her church’s choir performance.

NEW! Crisis Support Chat in Toronto!

Talking to a stranger can be very intimidating and overwhelming. There will be times when you are feeling alone, vulnerable and in crisis it can be difficult to physically speak to someone on the phone. Toronto Distress Centres has come out with a new

Podcasts, Musicians and Mental Health

People of all ages obsess over their favourite actor(ess), movies, books, games, bands, celebrities and so on.

Feel Good Friday: Little Super Heroes

In the spirit of Halloween being earlier this week, we came across this two-minute video with a subtle but powerful take-away about costum

Movember 2017 Campaign!

I can’t believe it’s already November - well Movember! This year the Movember campaign is focusing on Men’s Mental Health. Depression affects millions of men every year and this campaign is geared to highlight this topic.

Feel Good Friday: Hippo Fiona’s Epic Photobomb!

What’s better than getting proposed to by a person you love, in a place that you love? Being photobombed by a baby hippo during the event! This might be the cutest photobomb ever!

Who’s the new girl at mindyourmind?

Hi, I’m Marnie and I’m going to start off by saying how grateful I am for being the new team member at mindyourmind. I never really thought I was going to be changing careers this year, but here I am!

A Guide to Getting Good at Dealing with Chaos

It is a wonderful thing to have order to our lives, to simplify and have routines and systems that make things peaceful, organized, and calm.Unfortunately, life likes to throw chaos and disorganization our way.

Feel Good Friday: Message in a Bottle

Such a great story out of Georgia, USA.  A couple, Linda and David Humphries, were doing a beach sweep and discovered a bottle with a crumpled note inside from the long-gone days of 1988.

5 Tips to Beat Academic Stress!

Midterms, deadlines and holidays. Let’s face it the months of late October to December can be stressful! It is important to recognize that there are many different types of stress whether it be academic, work, or personal.

Feel Good Friday: Pete Davidson on SNL

Last Saturday (Oct 9/17) Saturday Night Live’s (SNL) cast member, Pete Davidson, opened up about his struggles with mental illness and how he has self-medicated over the years.