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Suicide Awareness Week

Please note that this post contains statistics and information about suicide that may be triggering.

Welcome Dryden, welcome!

We are welcoming Dryden to the Be Safe family.

HONY Tackles Myths About PTSD

Note: Some of the stories mentioned in this blog include topics that may be triggering, with themes such as suicide, PTSD, grief, and traumatic military experiences.


Today, performer Selena Gomez announced she will be cancelling the remainder of her world tour, taking time off to deal with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. She described the issues she was tackling as stemming from her lupus.

Meditation for Beginners: 20 Practical Tips for Understanding the Mind

The most important habit I’ve formed in the last 10 years of forming habits is meditation. Hands down, bar none.

A Roadmap to Overcoming Insecurities

There isn’t a person amongst us who doesn’t have insecurities — some are just better at dealing with them, or perhaps hiding them.

To Those Who Are Struggling

On Twitter I met a struggling soul who shared with me a lack of friends, family, motivation, self-esteem and confidence.

Pokemon Go Does Wonders for Mental Health!

We at mindyourmind didn’t miss a beat when it came to jumping on the Pokemon Go train.

International Youth Day 2016

Today, August 12th, marks the 16th annual International Youth Day (IYD).

Removing Ourselves From the Center of Everything

When we go about our day, we tell ourselves a story about what’s happening … and at the center of that narrative is a single person.Ourselves.

A monk’s wisdom: How not to be unhappy!

I have been an ardent fan of Netflix’s Marco Polo since my introduction to it almost a year ago. I read Marco Polo stories as a kid and my movie diet when growing up consisted of two things: Chinese kung fu movies and Chinese kung fu movies.

How Pokemon GO has changed my life

How Pokemon GO has changed my life:

We all should make time for self-care

My husband and I have learned a lot about each other during our years together, but mostly about ourselves. We have learned that we can’t blame anyone else for how we feel about life and if we’re happy or not.

All You Need, You Already Have

There is a famous stone water basin (or “tsukubai”) outside of the even more famous Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto, with four characters that read: “ware tada shiru taru.”

#ICYMT : Top posts from the last few weeks

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