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Women's rights

1. Ummm.. all I have to say to this one is.. thank goddess im Canadian.

mindyourmind Street Team - Last Session!

The street team recently finished up. It was a blast, and I’m really sad it’s over. We’ve done so much in such a short time with the street team.We helped out at a conference, were on the radio, and started designing posters.

mindyourmind Street Team - Session Twelve

The last street team meeting was definitely a very productive one. We had a lot of work to do brainstorming our ads, so we made it a special three hour session.

mindyourmind Street Team - Session Eleven

We talk about a lot of things over at mindyourmind. We talk about movies, music, celebrities, and everything in between.But that isn’t just all that we talk about, we also share ideas, concepts, and methods for making things better.

mindyourmind Street Team - Session Ten

It’s so hard to believe that this year’s Street Team is coming to an end. Time went by so fast; it still feels like it is November 2009, when our Street Team began.

Are you ready for prom?

Most people will remember their high school prom for years after it is over.  Some people will remember it for the rest of their lives. Prom is a fairly traditional ‘coming of age’ event for many young adults. 

mindyourmind Street Team - Session Eight

Today Erin, Heather and I ventured over to a local highschool to set up a mindyourmind booth to try and inform some of the students...there about what mindyourmind is all about. It was quiet when we got there but before long the halls were crawling with all sorts of students.

mindyourmind Street Team - Session Nine

The week of January 17th was huge for mindyourmind’s Street Team. On Wednesday we had our meeting at the usual time, except this meeting was a dress rehearsal for...the conference we would be hosting the next day. First, however, our ice breaker!

mindyourmind Street Team - Session Seven

Tonight at our street team meeting we began the night with our usual icebreaker game. We all had to stand in a circle with our left hand and our right finger on the person beside us’s shoulder.