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#ICYMT : Top posts from the last few weeks

#ICYMT (In case you missed them), here are some of the top posts on mindyourmind.ca from the last few weeks:

Stonewall, June 28 1969: Here is where pride festivals started

This day, June 28, is often what is said to have been the catalyst for what we know today as LGBTQ Pride Movements, and is also why pride festivals and events tend to take place during June and July.

The Underrated, Essential Art of Coping

You might think that when someone says, “I’m coping,” that it’s not such a big deal.You’d be wrong.

It's Men's Mental Health Awareness Day

Today, June 14th, is Men’s Mental Health Awareness Day. Unfortunately, I have not seen or heard enough awareness about this day.

The Face Everything Technique: Why Avoiding Difficulties Doesn’t Work

We are, all of us, amazing at avoiding things.Our minds are less “thinking machines” than they are “avoiding machines.” And the incredible thing is that we aren’t even usually aware that we’re avoiding thinking about something.I’ll give you a few examples:

World Eating Disorders Action Day

Today is a pretty significant day in the world of eating disorder awareness - professionally, politically and publicly.

Latest youth crew is working on a financial literacy app

Thanks to funding from Libro Credit Union, mindyourmind has partnered with the Credit Counselling Program of Family Services Thames Valley to help them develop a web app that aims to assist young adults in better understanding financial matters.

The Part of Kristen Bell's Mental Illness Disclosure We Aren't Talking About, but Should Be

Last week, actress Kristen Bell opened up about her personal experience with mental illness - namely depression and anxiety - during an episode of Off Camera with Sam Jones .

4 things to know about homophobia, transphobia

Today the world celebrates International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT). Here are 4 things to know about the day.

The Downward & Upward Spiral of Health & Productivity

The bad news about health and productivity habits is that if you start to slip up, things can slowly spiral downward.

Cootie Catcher

Last year a group of youth partnered with mindyourmind and Vanier and created a feedback tool called "Be Heard".

Help yourself. Help a friend. Talk to someone.

I’m in crisis! What do I do? I don’t know what’s wrong… I think I need to talk to someone. My friend needs help. How can I help my friend?

#Getloud 5: "I suffered from depression in the last year and ...started talking to a friend about it"

Tony, professional catererWhat does mental health mean to you?Mental health is a very real issue. I suffered from depression in the last year and only recently have I started talking to a friend about it.--

#Getloud Day 4: "Mental health means having the freedom to live the kind of life you want to live"

Keara Gillis, young professionalWhat does mental health mean to you?

Loud & green: 65 years of #mentalhealthweek

This week marks a mammoth 65 years since the introduction of Mental Health Week (MHW) by the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).