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#Getloud Day 3: "Mental health is simply how we think and feel about ourselves and others "

Katy Boychuk, Intercultural Education SpecialistWhat does mental health mean to you?

#Getloud Day 2: "Marking MHW by ensuring I spend some time in outdoor physical activity"

Jack Smit, business managerWhat does mental health mean to you?"Mental health means to me: being  in a great head space, in alignment with your body and therefore being able to perform optimally whether that be at work, at home or at play."

Let Everything Breathe

As you sit here reading these words, you are breathing … stop for a moment and notice this breath.You could control the breath, and make it behave as you like … or you can simply let yourself breathe.

Feelin' fuzzy with family

Last week our professional family for the last ten years (Family Services Thames Valley) came to the office with beef. Well, they had a cart-ful of fish, salad and other things but I am kinda partial to beef. The occasion was to mark leaving our first home.

Depression can affect anyone: don't worry you're in good company

I came across a young person’s story online about being embarrassed to reach out for help for their depression and how they thought they were the only person on earth that felt like this.  In fact, there

Princess Peach has bipolar disorder? #worldbipolarday

Anyone who knows me knows that I really despise the YouTube channel “Game Theory.” This was originally because I have been a serious game theorist since long before Hyrule Historia crushed Zelda Timeline Theory, and I don’t like how the host of the show’s comedic approach to t

March 10th: Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

Most people don’t choose to be infected with HIV. In fact, for many women, they only developed this life-threatening condition because their partner didn’t know (or didn’t tell them) that they were HIV-positive.

March 5th: Dissociative Identity Disorder Day

Also known as “Multiple Personality Day”. 

Bibi writes about the profound benefits of yoga

“I could always find a yoga class regardless of what part of the world I was in…”

Men’s Depression Website: HeadsUpGuys

Depression is the second leading cause of disability worldwide and in Canada alone 840 000 men are affected each year.

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On Shyness and Living Life

I hate having social anxiety.  It cripples me to no end.  The constant self-barraging; the fear of looking or saying something stupid.  The internalizing of every look, sigh or chortle – as if everything is directed towards me.  Am I that important to garne

The pursuit of perfection

I struggle with always trying to achieve perfection. While that can make me ambitious and resourceful, it also makes me incredibly unhappy. I agonize over my yoga poses (are they as good as they can be? why can’t I touch my nose to my thigh yet?

Join the Transition-Age Youth Community of Practice

Follow these step by step instructions on how to join the Transition-Age Youth Community of Practice (TaY CoP) on EENet Connect to join the conversation.